Goddess Shri Raja Lakshmi with several Children’s book in her collection blessed me with a fruit

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Sairam friends,

Since Navratri is approaching, I believe Saibaba is inspiring me with different forms of Goddess Lakshmi. I am surprised why I never thought of worshipping different forms of Lakshmi all these years. I simply worship Goddess Mahalakshmi. Last week, I heared Sai blessed me with a dream to worship Vidhya Lakshmi

September 14th marks one year since the first dream I had about one of this girl at work. I asked Saibaba to show me in dream on why all this happened because I feel really embarrassed. I would have kept calm and never bothered anyone. I only got dream of Shri Raja Lakshmi which did not answer my question. So I opened Saibaba’s book near me as soon as I woke up. It came to chapter of Virabadrapa and how Sai saves people irrespective of their previous births karmic deeds. I was really upset with Sai for showing me chapter 47 because it indicates I got into all problems because of the sin I did in previous birth.

I wonder what sin I would have done to which girl? If I had done such a big sin, then, I would have got a direct punishment rather than showing some girl in dream and bothering her. This year, I honestly feel that I got too old for all this. I must have focussed on something more productive that will change others life.

Many devotees tell me that I am lucky to be blessed by Sai with dreams but only I know how much I suffered since I take every word spelt by Sai as my life and live by his words. People advice me and hurt me saying I am phychic to trust Sai’s dreams because none understands that Saibaba guides devotees in various ways and dream is one of his way. I am fed up pleading Sai to prove his presence but he is silent. I just have to accept that I am a fool and be calm.

Goddess Shri Raja Lakshmi in dream

This is the dream I got.  I see a girl by name Raja Lakshmi coming to my place and gave me a fruit. Initially, I assume its Lemon. It was bigger than lemon. So I ask her what’s this? She says its a peach. I keep it in my place and felt happy. It was like a blessing from Goddess.

After a while, I go to her place where she has several collection of beautiful and colorful Children’s book. I always get fasinated by books. So I look at each pages of her books and surprisingly ask her “How come you have so many Children’s book?” She replies “I have it in my collection”.

I tell her “Keep growing your collection. Its a good habit” and move on.

That’s it.

Some dreams are very strange. Some of my friends irritate me saying Baba is not giving you any dream You will get dream about what you think. Yesturday, I was thinking about going to one of this shop in the mall as I loved several books surrounding me over there. I never read much, but I would love to buy lots of books and keep around me. he..he..

I woke up and started researching on Goddess Raja Lakshmi.

About greatness of worshipping Goddess Rajalakshmi

Most of us forgot or don’t have time to remember some forms of Goddess who were famous in ancient India.

Raja Lakshmi was worshipped by ancient Kings in India as they believed their countries prosperity and happiness comes through her blessing. She’s adored by all royal kings to bless their people with prosperity. I cannot get the right photograph of Goddess Rajalakshmi. The photo I have featured if of Adi Lakshmi. Seems Raja Lakshmi is seated on a Lotus surrounded by 8 Elephants pouring water from Golden pot and she also has a Red color flag in one of her arms. If Lakshmi has this flag, I believe its Raja Lakshmi as she’s Goddess who blesses one with good governance.

Her blessings grant one the power to rule and blessed with influential state in their business or career. She also destroys all the sorrows, misfortunes and grants luxurious, comfortable life.


I am getting late for work.

I plead Saibaba to show me a way!

Om Sai Ram


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