The God who walked on Earth can only be experienced. We call this experience as “Sai”

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Its Ram Navami on April 5th 2017 and hence, I wish to take you on article I wrote years back

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Sri Rama navami festival

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My love for Goddess Raja Matangi

Remember Lord Ram,Sita and Hanumanji with heart and soul all this day. Keep chanting any little mantra or listen to Vishnu Sahasranam. You can also chant ‘Shri Sai Ram” as much as you can in your mind.

Now lets go to the theme of the article.

I came home after going to Saibaba temple. My Mom said that she was feeling dizzy after lunch this afternoon. I felt little upset and told her what to do about it.

You might love Shirdi Saibaba or You might not worship him. Even now, I come across few people who ask me this vital question. Shirdi Saibaba is a human being. Why do you worship him? Is he a God. What kind of answer do they expect from me? In their perspective, we are fools as we worshipping someone who lived as an ordinary human being. Can I tell this truth?

“Sai is a God who walked on Earth”

And these are people who don’t argue. They are just my friends who have such practical questions. Let me clarify this to you.

Sai can’t be forced into anyone.

Sai can’t be explained to anyone.

Sai can just be experienced.

Further, When did Sai asked me to worship him? He was there. He just existed. I went to him because I had desires.

I am not sure if every desire that emerged in my heart got fulfilled by this poor fakir of Shirdi but every time I went to him, he gave me “Love”. The kind of Love that a Guru alone can give.

I like people who tell me that Saibaba is a Man…An ordinary human being and we are ignorant to worship him. They make me realize that God has blessed me to see what they think doesn’t exist.

For Sai devotees who are worried about their life, I just have this to say.

You are not looking at an ordinary saint.

This is Sai.

Guru of all Guru’s

He might seem to be silent but he’s doing the best he can for you.

He existance itself is for your well being.

At times, what we desire most might not be ours.

This must not disconnect you from Sai.

Experience his greatness with immense patience.

Shirdi Saibaba will bring light in your life.

So next time you are depressed or fedup with life, learn to experience “Sai’.

All it takes is Shradha and Saburi

Faith and Patience.

Its Ram Navami on April 5th 2017…I wish to chant “SAIRAM SAIRAM SAIRAM” as much as I can.

Try to remember Sai and Lord Ram and Hanumanji too

Your life will be good.



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  • This is true..we can’t explain sai but we can feel and experience him if we have true love for him.. om sai ram..

  • Sai Ram
    Happy Ram Navmi to all Sai lovely devotees.
    Jai Sainath
    Jai Sai Ram.
    God bless you all.

  • sairam…Everyday i read your articals..i feel very happy..u r a great devote..sir…your way of understand is very clear and easy to fallow like me people..thank u verymuch..sairam

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