Girls who travel to meet their love. What’s the probability that you will marry the same guy?

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I wanted to write this article for the past 2-4 days because now a days, I receive mails from girls who are going through a break-up or obstacle in getting married to the guy they love. They believe in Sai and are really in painful situation. I understand your feelings but keep your mind strong. I live some where in some part of the world. Why should I spend over an hour to write this article. Its not for millions of Sai devotees. When you are reading this, its meant for you. Its personally the way Sai shows his care on you.

So please remember when Baba cares for you, it means, he is with you irrespective of what happens in your life.

Let me clarify this.

You can do all you can to keep your relationship safe but never ever loose your mind and get lost in sweet words of a man who might quit you for any silly reason.

I call it girls love!

A women’s love is so powerful and intense. Its hard for her to give up on her love.

Its so intense that when a women is deeply in love with a man every other human being on Earth seems to be negligible for her. Unfortunately, if you show interest to a girl who’s already in relationship, they will treat you as if you are a terrorist trying to kidnap them. Dear! Be normal. Firstly, analyze if you are in love with the right guy who will keep you as you wish for lifetime.

Such girls who are madly in relationship with a guy will certainly do anything for him. Especially, when the guy starts to avoid her or if she feels insecured that he’s not kind to her as before, she will do all she can to keep the relationship safe. One of them is traveling to meet her man no matter where he lives.

How far a girl can travel for a love and how desperate she can go?

I usually write articles based on experiences of my Sai friends who write to me. I never expose their names since I respect their privacy but I want everyone to learn from their mistakes. I had this friend few years back who was working in On Site in the U.S. Even when she left India, there was some misunderstanding between her and the guy. He moved to Japan and they both continued to be in touch. This girl loved him madly but he gradually realized she’s not the right kind of partner for him. He directly told her that things may not work between them and wanted her to move on.

This girl was desperate and kept asking him to change his mind. Finally, she decided to travel all the way from the U.S to Japan where this guy was working. She stayed with him for a week. He was clear in what he decided though. He requested her to move on with her life. This girl even tried to commit suicide. Thankfully, Sai saved her. When I got a call from her friend that she tried such a thing as  soon as she came back from Shirdi, I got really annoyed. Is this what Saibaba asked you to do?

Shirdi Saibaba may not fulfill your desire but he is responsible to make sure you are blessed with the right Man. May be, this guy isn’t good for you any longer.

Why am I writing so many articles? Its just to make sure your focus must be on your parents and not on some guy who don’t respect you for what you are.

So what did this girl achieve by traveling all the way to Japan to meet her guy? Nothing! She did not tell this to her Mom too. Do what ever you wish without telling your parents but being a women, kindly be very very careful when you travel without telling your parents or someone whom you trust. India isn’t a safe country for sure.

Secondly, I keep getting mails from so many girls who are desperate to get back their love.

Even last week, a girl wrote me that she loves a guy so much as he proposed her in the airport when she started to U.S for her studies. Now she’s working and the guy’s family seems to reject her as she’s from different caste. I don’t know why these guys actually fall in love if his parents are so important for him. Nothing wrong because parents go senti in our country. We can’t blame the guy completely. Now this girl wrote me that she’s traveling to India to meet him and hopes he will change.

Many of you write me for a positive reply. Even I am positive but in relationship issues, remember, none of us can understand why we get into pains and disappointments. So you must be careful and keep your mind internally strong. Accept what ever happens as something good for you.

I care for these girls so much. They are like my children because they write me trusting Sai will do a miracle if I say a prayer. Remember that Saibaba is a very strange Guru. He won’t stop you from doing anything. There are couples who travel to Shirdi and do what they are not supposed to do. Is Baba going to stop you? I am fed up with people asking questions like this – We are not married yet but wish to go to Shirdi together. Nope!

The reason I say no is this. You may only simply wanna have darshan of Sai but there’s another problem. Lets assume, something happened in your relationship and you are not able to marry each other. You know what you will ask Baba “Then why did you show us positive sign by making us come to Shirdi together?”

Excuse me. You decided and went. Baba gave you darshan but he alone knows the future. May be, you are not supposed to marry which is good for both of you.

The same applies to girls who travel to meet their love without telling their parents. Sai won’t stop you. No Gods in 3 worlds can stop you. You are in love right! Go ahead and enjoy. But do not blame Saibaba if you can’t marry the same guy. My humble request is, be careful. Rest is yourself.

Sai will act based on your connection with him. If you remember him deeply every moment and givingup all your attachments and emotions, Sai will certainly tell you what to do and what not to do. Else, Sai simply watches you silently.

So why am I writing all this?

I have been personally injured by such behaviour of girls.

Few years back, I was pleading a girl not to travel a foreign country just to meet her boy friend. I used to literally cry on phone saying that guy isn’t right for her and she must realize the trust. She never bothered it and asked me to mind by business. Fortunately, she realized the guy isn’t good enough for her. Only God saved her from such men.

I stopped getting attached to my Sai friends. Gradually, I even stopped replying mails of Sai children. What happens is, only when there’s a problem you people write me. If there’s a decision you wanna take to enjoy your life, you do it on your own. So why should I bother myself so much and care so much. Do what ever is good for you. Just take care of your self-respect and remember your parents heart when you are madly in love with any guy.

Sai may not give you the guy whom you desire but Sai will bless you with a husband who will keep you happily for lifetime.

I am a feminist and by writing this article I am not controling a women’s right to meet her love. I am just asking girls to be careful about the guy the choose. Ask yourself 100 times if this guy really deserves your love. If not, don’t be crazy about him. If a Man can skip you just because his parents found a better girl for him or he found a new girl, then better move on with your life.

There are so many guys who might want to marry you. You just focus on your career. Life is short to run behind a man who doesn’t deserve you.

India isn’t a love friendly country. Here, parents have control on what ever you desire especially when it comes to the girl/guy whom you wanna marry. Imagine if a Son is asked not to marry a girl from another caste/status, then it obviously happens to a daughter too.

From 2004, I have listened to so many love stories running StarSai. I am writing the same thing again and again in different flavour. There was a time when I saw these girls as girls and now I learned to see them as my children. These are my kids. How can I not tell you what’s good for you?

I love this song Aisa Des Hai Mera from the movie Veer Zara. I especially like Sharukh and Preety Zinta. Look at the below screenshot from the song. What a beautiful lyrics?

Have you such Radhe Krishna temple under a tree? I have seen Ganesha temple under a tree in Tamilnadu and even Hanuman temple. I have seen Dattatreya temple under a tree in Maharastra near Shirdi. I am happy to see Radhe Krishna temple under tree!

The lyrics goes like this – This is my land..Such is my Nation…At every step you take, a new love story is born!

Being good girl shows up in how you behave when your parents are not around you or doesn’t know what you are doing

I know girls who wear very traditional dress and do things they must not do and I also know girls who wear skirts and freakout but are good at heart and behave with some sense of responsibility.

I say this because in India, people judge a girl by the way she portrays herself. So its not what you wear or how you project yourself but what matters is how good you are in controlling your emotions and taking the right decision keeping your parents and also your own well being in mind.

Be it traveling to meet your Man or what ever other issues it is, be careful.

Ask yourself what’s the probability that this man will marry me?

Ask yourself again and again if he deserves me.

Don’t doubt a man but don’t let him rule your life.

You must rule your mind and not a man living some where in some part of the world.

Be yourself.

Be strong.

Sai cares for you and hence he made me write this.

(Note – The girl I mentioned in this article is happily married to another guy now. The other girl is still in Sai’s care. I am sure she too will be blessed with a wonderful life. As I get old, I am really concerned about doing all I can to help people come out of worries, depression and lead a happy life. I believe my words will heal someone who desperately needs it.)

In love with Sai,


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