I am not getting enough opportunities to do good to others

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Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Last night, I went to Saibaba temple and sat in Dwarakamai for few minutes. My friends came and we had a chat for a while after the temple was closed. I came home and slept off. I had dreams but can’t remember any of them. May be, Saibaba got upset with me as I told him the other day “Its not enough if you show dreams”. Well. Atleast he guides me through dreams. I must be happy for that.

These days, I am trying to analyze what good I can do to others. Basically, You can’t always get opportunities to do good. Secondly, Even if you get some way to do good, you may not be in a position to do that. I have to start somewhere. There are few projects which I plan to work on but unless I get into it actively, nothing will take shape.

What I am doing through StarSai doesn’t satisfy me anymore because there are people who actually “Do” good for others.

I am also not doing any work at night the past 1 month. I pray Saibaba to motivate me to work on my projects. I hate it when I get lazy.

I had read some books on Social Entrepreneurship where in we create a business model which also serves people. I must work on similar concept. When ever I wanna do something, I fear to take the first step as I am tied to my fulltime job which helps me earn my living. I kept telling one of my friend that I don’t like the fact that I am dependent on this job.

We must always have a Plan B in life to earn our living. While I like the current job, I see lots of changes to happen in the near future. So I have to plan what I would do next in my life. I can’t move out of Coimbatore as my parents need me here.

Sai, don’t me angry on me and please continue to guide me in dreams for lifetime. I spoke to you in frustration as I got it to so much embarrassment trusting your words. I alone know how much you have done to me through dreams. I should not forget it for lifetime. Bless me with lots of opportunities to do good to others. Especially, to the city I belong to.

OK Sai blessings


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