A vivid dream from a Ganesha temple in cave that helps me understand something must come to an end

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Sairam friends,

A week back, Sai showed a very strange dream. It was as if the whole floor where I work is covered with pure white cloth. I don’t see any employees there. I go near my place to see no computers there. I see my favourite Dog in the campus snowy roaming in my place happily. I see that someone is trying to make money and compromising. So I am helping him. That’s it.

The dream made me accept the fact the floor will soon be occupied by some other organization and we will be moved to another building. Surprisingly, since my friend won’t turnup for  a week as he’s taking care of his Mom, I was asked to work on the documentation. I felt may be, its not that bad. Though most employees are attached to this place, its good when we bring in a new company to the city. If things goes well, may be 100 to 200 more jobs will be created in few years. I already wrote an article – 1946. A village some where in India and why I must do good to the city I belong to

I am indebted to this city and its good when I do any work to create more jobs. So I enjoyed doing it.

Just that I don’t like it when people compromise on revenue to bring in a global company. India has always been exploited and it will continue to be.

Why should Sai tell this to me before hand? May be, he wants me to understand change is for good. Secondly, I realized people make business not with their knowledge but their possession.

A vivid dream from a Ganesha temple in cave 

The past few days, I am offering a tiny white flower to Ganesha statue in temple and also my home. I pray Ganesha to show me a way.

Last night, I hugged a Shirdi Saibaba book and thinking a lot while I laid down. I was too depressed and thought what would be my suicide note if I decide to die today? No I won’t. I am too strong for all the experiences I have gone through one after another…he he… I analyzed why should people commit suicide and if I can do a project to help people who are depressed. I am already doing it but I am not legally allowed to do it as I am not a certified counsellor.

Anyway, I slept very sadly remembering Sai.

I had a dream. I drank water and slept off. Again before I woke up I had this beautiful dream.

I walk in a busy street somewhere in Chennai and suddenly get into a small cave like opening. Surprisingly, there was a beautifuly carved Ganesha statue kept inside the cave. I see a middle aged priest there. He was very sincerely serving Sri Ganesha.

I worship Ganesha and was looking at him deeply.

The priest suddenly asks me

So you are not married yet?

I say


You are thinking about this girl right?

I say Yes.

He says it doesn’t seem to happen.

I don’t say anything but simply look at him.

He says

I am telling this for your own welfare. You see – this girl is ignorant and blindfolded by a guy.

I come out of the temple.

That’s it.

I woke up and suddenly forgot what dream I had. I tried to lay down and remember it again. Thankfully, I could recollect the dream.

I had always pleaded Saibaba to bless me with a dream so that I can move on. Not that I have any desires but I will only listen to Sai’s words and behave accordinly.

Thankfully, Sai showed me this dream and I feel something is going to come to an end.

When my parents are not well and I also feel guilty about why I bothered a girl just based on Sai’s dream, I can only convince myself that this is the message from Sai.

I never lost anything by often praying for this girl. Infact, I saw her as a good soul and will continue to perceive her the same way. I have another request from Sai which I keep asking. Let her get married soon so that we shall think that all this happened as I was indebted to her in some birth and I had to go through all this embarrassment.

I am getting late for work now.

About my career – When am I going to be an entrepreneur and when will I be in a state to create jobs? Its better I help atleast this organization to create more jobs. This way, I consider myself doing something good.

Om Sai Ram

Sai blessings


Photo of Lord Ganesha was used with courtesy and shall be removed if asked to.

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