Forgetting that you are blessed with a good wife or Husband doesn’t sound good

Sairam friends,

Life has been easy for some people I come across. I see them lead a smooth life. No friction in their career, they get married to the wonderful person and then live happily there after. After few months or years, they think about other options or someone else for a momentary joy. Some continue to remain true to their partner irrespective of these distractions but some don’t even bother their true wife/husband.

The percentage of such behaviour happens more with Men. I am not sure how they easily forget that God has been kind to them that they are blessed with a good wife? ¬†Showing interest in another women once you are married itself is a sin. You actually take a vow when you get married that this is the only girl for you, for lifetime. God won’t punish you for what you do. Life will be normal and nothing seem to change. You might assume that you easily hide all that you do to your wife but a good karma has good results and bad karma certainly will have bad results. If not now, someday, you will be facing the consequences.

You don’t have to see your wife as a Goddess or an angel but be true to her. I get shocked to see some people misbehaving and all I can do is simply tell them “This doesn’t sound good”.

I am getting late now. I am trying to run my Digital Marketing course online. Basically, I am concerned about students and professionals not using their time to learn. I am not fluent in speaking and recording/editing. It seems to be a huge burden as my system got old. Sai must understand I don’t have skills to do something like this. Don’t know why he showed me some dreams to work on it.



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