Sometimes, its good to forget someone whom you like?

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Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Every single week, I receive atleast 3 mails from girls and guys with the same issue. They face a break up and they want their love back. Listen. You can surely pray Saibaba to fix your relationship but ask yourself if the other person really cares for you. I appreciate you like this girl or a guy but why do they hurt you? Is their love as intense as your affection on them. You must do all these analysis and try to take proper decision.

Many girls don’t even read all articles I write. They just read one article, copy my email and immediately write me from their mobile like this. The most common sentence I have been reading in the past 13 years is this

“I can’t live without him”.

Excuse me dear. You can always live with out him or her. Don’t listen to your heart. Listen to your mind.

Think about your Mom and Dad. Think about other good people around you.

Many years back, when I was going through a painful situation, my Brother in law gave me a good piece of advice.

He said

“Venkat…To deeply love one person alone is a way of being selfish”

He taught me, we must love everyone equally. You might be commited to a guy or a girl but learn to love everyone around you. Learn to see the bigger world away from the one whom you love. This way, you can manage to stay strong when you face a break up. Anyway..My BIL talks very softly that I can’t even hear what he speaks over phone. Sometimes, I just say hmm hmm..he he..

Last night, I wrote this article about this girl – I gave respect to Sai’s words. Now I wish to move on…

But when I woke up in the morning, I remembered her first and prayed to Sai. I went to work and was feeling odd. Intially, I felt relaxed as told myself “We have nothing to do with “Tak Tak” any more”. She’s happily living her life and we must just not think about her.

Somehow, I completed editing the video. I can’t bear a Ginger eating money wants to review my video and sent him. He had given some corrections and wanted to remove a shot. I told my friend, I won’t remove that. I kept that shot as a luck shot for me.

Later, I was bored and looking at cute Panda. I like Meerkat and Panda a lot.

Then, I gradually started worrying a lot. I asked Sai why should I like this girl when I know nothing much about her? I must do something about it.

I went to Saibaba temple only at 8.50. I ran to Dwarakamai to give prasad to devotees and came out. I called up my friend and asked him to come to temple. I used to tell him about this girl and all the dreams I get. All these 16 months, he has been following this stupid story of mine.

Today, I told him that I still can’t forget this girl and I am getting angry on Saibaba for making me get so embarrassed infront of a girl. He told me that you are too sensitive and hence its good if you go with what you decided yesturday to move on with your life.

He told me to hate this girl and that’s the best way to forget her.

You kn0w..Tak Tak not the only name I had given her for the way she walks. I had given other sweet names to her – Like “Azhagi” – The beautiful one – This name came to my mind since one of my neighbour aunty behind our house used to call my Sister that way when my Sister was in India.

I realized that I am comparing this girl to something sweet and cute. This is why I am not able to forget her.

On my way home while driving, I felt that I must give a very fierce name to her which might make me hate her.

I can name her Bhadrakaali but that would again only mean divinity to me.

I wanted to associate her with a witch in Harry Potter.

So right now, lets name this girl – Dolores Umbridge – A name that’s not even feminine. It’s a scary name for all those who love Harry Potter.

There’s a scene in which Dolores makes Harry potter to write “I must not tell lies”. As he starts to write it on paper, the words actually appears as a cut mark on his hand. It pains intensy. That’s how cruel Dolores is!

Here’s link to this scary scene

The magical pen which Dolores asks Harry to write I will not tell lies actually makes him bleed

This is how Stephen King wrote about the charecter of Dolores in Entertainmet Weekly

“the gently smiling Dolores Umbridge, with her girlish voice, toadlike face, and clutching, stubby fingers, is the greatest make-believe villain to come along since Hannibal Lecter”.

Dolores tells Harry “You know deep down, you deserve to be punished”.

So will you people write me anymore like this – “I can’t live without him or her”.?

Guys. I know you are going through a pain.

Kindly be careful about your heart. Don’t listen to your heart. Listen to your mind. Believe that you can live without him or her and certainly you can live happily also. It just takes some time.

I cannot always ask you to chant Sai’s name and divert your mind doing something else.

That’s why I wrote this article. You must understand that if you are going through breakup, its actually good.

May be, God has a better plan for you.

I know it pains but don’t be addicted to anyone – Even if they are gold. May be,you both are not destined to live together.

As far as I am concerned, I can never hate this girl for sometimes, I have immense empathy for her.

I feel she’s immensely good and kind. She just minds her business and never shows off. She’s just another normal girl who dreams for a beautiful life. I can only imagine as if I hate her but its not an easy task.

I am trying to divert my mind writing such articles. One way, it helps me think differently. Secondly, most people who write me with relation problems will understand that someone cares for them.

I want you to live your life peacefully no matter what happens. Never be a slave of your love.

If the guy or the girl you like doesn’t recriprocate your love, better move on your ways!

Today, I had severe headache when I reached home. I went to my Mom’s room and slept near her leg for 10 minutes speaking to her about her life when she was a kid. Later, I came to my room and writing this article. I don’t hate this girl. I could never do that. But somehow, I get scared of this girl for reasons unknown amd can never look at her on face. I feel she might come and slap me. I think I must start to look at this girl from now on and imagine she’s a witch in Harry Potter.

My head ache is severe now. I am going to watch more videos of Witches. It will be thrilling and I will hug Sai book and sleep.

And yes! I worship Bhadrakali because she wards off all evil from our life. You must worship Bhadrakali if you are too soft. The Goddess will protect you.

Did you understood the way I relate Evil and Good? 

Goddess like Bhadrakali and Durga are not riding away the evil forces like ghost etc. If you are going through a problem in relationship and worried a lot, worship the Mother. If the guy or girl involved is true, they will stay with you. Else, they will leave you to give space for someone who really has true love on you.

Baba…please forgive me for giving such names to this girl. I don’t mean to hate anyone. I am just upset that you showed me dreams which has no relationship with reality. I am still confused and doing all I can to understand why all this happened?

Please come in dream and guide me Sai.

And yes. Baba please give inner strength and ability for people who are going through problems in relationship. Let them feel your warmth when they read this message –

The True Sai Cares!

Sai blessings


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