Floating in Music that my Sai shows me in dream

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Sairam friends,

I hope you read my previous article –  This New Year, Celebrate your Mom

You believe it or not Sai is giving me such experiences. You don’t have to because its between me and my sweet Sai who rules the 3 world. Is it true that Saibaba is telling me some stories through songs in the past 4 month? It seems to portray as if I am cheating the whole world. Infact, One of my friend said

“Saibaba solraarunu solleye nee elaam pandra”

“You do  everything and say only Baba asked you to do it”.

OK. Lets keep it that way. Even if everyone feels that way, I am satisfied for following my Sai’s words. I have spent 2/3rd of my life doing what I desire. Atleast let the rest of my life be spend based on Sai’s instructions.

On January 1st 2017, being the first day of the year, I first woke up approximately at 6 A.M. I did had a dream but it did not mean anything to me. I told “Baba..No dreams even on New year day?”. Now I shall try to sleep again. You bless me with a dream. I woke up again and had coffee which my Father gave and slept again. I took a Saibaba’s book, kept on my chest and laid down. Its hard to go in deep sleep once you woke up but I try a lot to go to sleep because I won’t leave Saibaba with out showing me a dream. I don’t have to see Baba. Any dream that happens in my life according to me is given by Sai. That’s how I take it.

I was blessed with a beautiful dream…

One of this girl whom I had done photography before several years was telling few words as if announced by RJ in Radio that its going to be a cloudy day. I also saw my cousin Pavithra walking in a que and telling something to me. (I am not going to say what it is. Though Pavi is married now, she is like my little Sissy and we were very close years back. So I take her words as Sai’s words)

The girl who appeared in dream is the one I did photography inspired by Lucky Ali’s O Sanam – Here’s the article I wrote in August –

Remembering those beautiful days when I was myself

I wish to do photography of a girls eye again with better Dupatta which has curvy designs over it

As soon as the dream got over, I got a call from someone in Saibaba temple and asked me if I can do Photography of Sai statue? I said that I just woke up and shall come in couple of hours.

I woke up and tried to remember the words I heared spoken like RJ. It comes in the beginning of the a Tamil Song. I saw this movie for 30 minutes 2 weeks back. My Mom saw that and told me “I spoilt you from going to Guitar class when you were in school”. So I searched for the song in Youtube and listened to it. The song is sung by Bhavya Pandit! I am mesmerised by her voice in this song. I will surely request Bhavya and ask her to send me few lines singing in praise of Sai. I hope she has time for it.

Jeeva – Ovvondraai Thirudugiraai 

Some Music and Voice inspires me so much that I fall in love with it. The song is also cinematographed gracefully in rain.

We are doing painting work at home. So Ma asked me to clean up few stuff. I was shouting at her saying I need to go to temple. Finally, I started to temple listening some songs I love. When I was about to take photos my friend asked me if I got permission. I told him “They only called me. Else, I would have not bothered to come here. I could not deny as I got call from a devotee whom I know for long”.

I don’t wanna write more about the experience I had while photographing Sai. I better leave it to Sai. I go to this temple regularly and hence try to keep a distance from everyone. I must have not involved in this and felt little hurt on New Year occasion. Anyway, It was good experience. I will try to stay away from people and just focus on Sai here after.

I reached home. My Ma asked why I came back so early from temple? I told her “Baba has many devotees these days and hence he won’t have time for me on such special occasions”. Infact, I usually stand in parking lot when ever the temple is crowded.

In the evening, I went to few shops. I remembered the place I went to Guitar class when I was in school and walked in that street in Saibaba colony. I think that Master moved off from that place. It was painful because I wanna be a Musician. It did not happen. I wanted to be a Filmmaker. That too did not happen. Now, I atleast wanted to do something that makes my life meaninful. I am not sure what it could be?

Then, I walked to temple and read a chapter in Sai Satcharita. I wanted to call some of my Sai friends but simply sat for a while, distributed prasad in Dhuni and came back home. Its gonna be 1 o clock at night. No matter what the world tells, I will live based on Sai’s words and I am happy about it. Trusting Guru’s words as if it is reality is all I can do even if its going to let me down.

Let me take this as experiment. I know that Sai will answer me someday or its just karmic. As of now, I am floating in Music that my Sai shows me in dream. Wish I could make a documentary on Saibaba or probably something that inspires people. I am in hurry Baba! I have few few days to go. I don’t have time to plan.
I wanted to create something beautiful in the days to come. Lets see..

One of my aunt, her daughter and grand children are coming from the U.S today to our home. I don’t feel like being at home because they have not been so close to me and I don’t like it if people start few topics at home. So I better go to office.

Om Sai Ram


Note – I previously posted a photography I did in Sai baba temple as featured image. This morning I had a dream and realized Sai don’t want me to use the pictures as of now. I know what he means.

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