Finding peace in a closed Shirdi Saibaba temple

Sairam friends,

I am trying to be alone as much as I can from this week. I felt its better to be alone than bothering others and being misunderstood. Its better to call Sai as my friend than worrying about how people are. Further, this was in my mind for over 2-3 weeks since I don’t want people I am close with to involve in things which is not right. I have come across such people when I was in Mumbai. They live as they wish and say they are smart but eventually they are only adding to bad karma.

I also feel that this works best for me. I had been a freelancer for years and used to be alone. I used to walk 10 to 15 kms a day just because I was at home, all alone doing work. Even today, that’s the reason I love walking.

Yesturday, When I was supposed to go out for lunch, I decided to go to near by Saibaba temple. The temple was already closed.The priest there kindly asked me to open the window and have darshan of Saibaba. I told him that I wish to sit in the steps for few minutes and go and he nodded his head to leave his home.

I sat in the steps and was thinking about Sai and my life. One advantage of Sai devotees going to Saibaba temple only on Thursday is this – People like me who go everyday will find peaceful the other days as there will be no crowd. That too when the temple is closed and none were there,I felt really blissful. I played a Saibaba serial in Hindi and listened to it as Sai message. There’s this black Dog in this temple whom I had fed biscuits before 2-3 weeks. He remembered me and sat near me.

I was really hungry as I skipped lunch but felt really peaceful.

Many people think that I go to Shirdi Saibaba temple almost everyday to pray Baba and ask him for what I want in life. Honestly no. Going to Sai temple or any temple is to divert your mind. To focus on something else. To see different kinds of people. To understand Sai and life better.

I wish to go to this Sai temple near work every lunch and sit alone but I don’t take my car to work everyday since it reduces the time I walk. That’s the only physical activity I do.

Going to Sai mandir is not just for seeking his blessings but also having an experience of a peaceful environment. So its important for people who take care of temples not to bother Sai devotees.

I asked Saibaba to show me a way.


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