Being a feminist in a Country where people ruin your reputation for being good to women

Written by venkatraman

(Edit – I wrote this article based on my assumption. I don’t know what really happened. If not this reason, I certainly I am facing this problem just because I make take rights and make fun of people I know at work. I did not realize some of them din’t even perceive me as a good friend. If they are, they would have told me if I had hurt them. )

Sairam friends,

My Mom is not well these days as she’s getting weak. Just because I am going to work everyday that doesn’t mean things are fine. I am just pretending that everything is fine because Sai is protecting my parents. Secondly, I realized its hard to be a feminist in India. Even when you share a casual article on Women’s abuse, people suddenly start to speak ill of me even without my own knowledge. I was really shocked by this but it taught me something good in life.

Some people are ready to make use of anything to ruin my reputation.

Why should I even look at a girl at work with wrong intention? Sai has blessed me with friends in every single city and town of India. Even if they propose me, I tell them I am too old for them and they must marry someone else. I do this because I am fed up with long distance relationship. If it is any other guy, he could have easily married someone in Mumbai or Delhi. I don’t do it because I care for my parents. I do nothing for them but they might like my presence. I won’t leave them at any cause. So I better marry someone Sai tells me in Coimbatore and live here.

I am going through stress and humiliation because no matter what anyone speaks about me, I am supposed to be involved in it. None has rights to either say good or bad about me if I am not involved in the issue. Sai asked me to leave it as it is but I suddenly think how people can be indecently cunning?

This is what happens – Just because I am not married, people will say, nothing happened but he did something.

Sai…Sun Raha Hai Na Tu? Help me to survive in this “Marriage Nation” Saibaba

After all this incident, people expect me to laugh and have fun with them. The other day, one of my friend told that he’s gonna get married. I was happy about it but the same time Sai asked me to be calm. When I was calm, people thought I am jealous of this guy who’s marriage got fixed. Infact, he himself told this to me. I told him that I know but I am enjoying that. People can speak ill of my character and hence its no wonder, they assume all this. Even when I am really depressed how people can be so cheap, I suddenly think about this and smile within myself. 

My Sister completely forgot our way of life after staying abroad for over 15 years. So If I say people are speaking ill of me just for sharing an article on Women’s abuse as I care for everyone basically, she will surely feel odd. Further, if I say people think I am jealous since someone else is getting married, she will laugh for sure.

My parents bought us up very differently and that’s why we are like this. All my cousins 10 years younger than me are getting married. That’s their life.

Be clear about this, I speak a lot on relationship but to me, Sai has to decide whom I should marry and that’s why I wait so long. I know more girls who are close to me outside my office environment if I really wanted to try marrying a girl. Its not at all my way. When you leave your life in Sai’s hands just shut your mouth and casually look at what ever is happening in front of you. Just watch.  I will marry a girl Sai choose for me and he is working on it. I might not marry at all too. That may not happen because Sai told me 10 years back that he’s gonna take sometime for me to get married.

So what ever is happening today is communicated by Sai himself to me in 2005. When the saint who rules 3 worlds tells me that he needs time to work on my life, why should I worry? I tell my parents just be calm. I know its late but my Sai knows who’s the right girl for me.

I actually want the title of this article to be

The funniest thing about marriage which you can experience only in India

But why should I degrade the whole Nation for the narrow minded culture still cultivated only by educated people. Honestly, Ordinary Indians are far more broadminded and human than people like us.

Even today, My only desire is to do a project that will do good to millions of girls and women across the globe. If I am suffering so much due to relationship issues, Sai must have certainly thought I must do good karma to many women. I don’t even like to see any girl at work any more since I am totally disappointed and shocked how people can speak ill of me for being good to women?

One of my friend told me, the problem with you is you care for everyone and these girls too. So don’t care for them. Just do your work and move on. Its true. I better don’t bother anyone and simply do my work. I started filming for corporate film again but  I have no interest in it. Just doing it as I have some commitments.

When I went to Palani Hills, I asked Lord Murugan to save me. If I am here, let me survive with good name or better help me move on.

I told my friend that I respect this girl I liked at work so much since though she was annoyed with me, she did not once speak ill of me. Atleast not beyond her close friends. Only I felt guilty for bothering a girl. I told him atleast if that girl has reported about me and if it has become an issue, I would have felt that I deserve it. She just minds her business and she’s into her life. She just ignored me and living her life. Honestly, I feel happy such girls too are there instead of humiliating a man.

I told Sai that she be blessed with a beautiful life as she desires because people who are broadminded naturally will be blessed by Sai to get what ever they want in life.

A simple request

Please don’t exaggerate a simple mistake. What I did was a small blunder as I copied wrong content from an article and pasted it away. For doing this, I am facing all this pain. I better die than hearing people saying he’s good only but he did something. Why should you give certificate for my character? My Mom, Sister and millions of Sai devotees following StarSai for the past 12 years know who I am and Sai knows who I am.

Anyway, I got some message from Baba. I am going to work on it.

I start to face some technical issues in hosting account and yesterday I was not able to post article. How much can I spend Sai? Every month my expenses is going high as these days, seems I must also spend monthly for Site security. StarSai is my treasure and the new time is taking my time.

I have a message for girls reading this.

Don’t exaggerate what a Man does casually. No real man will come behind your beauty. Be a women of substance. 

Do something good for yourself or others.

Read this – Most school attacks are over in less than 5 minutes. Heidi is creating a safer school

Why should this girl leave her super cool job and create a Startup with a business model where its hard to establish easily?

Money doesn’t matter.

Ask yourself what you can do to make someone’s life better, safer and happy?

That’s what women of substance does. And that’s what a real Man should do too.

Just because of this experience, I won’t change. I continue to be a feminist since Sai made me one. Let the world think and speak what ever they wish. I live based on Sai’s words.

Sai, please show me a way. I was in tears and woke up at 4 Am worrying about this issue. Please Baba..

Sai blessings,


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  • Its a song in Bollywood “kuch to log kahenge ..logo ka kaam hai kahna” meaning …people always have something to talk about it somebody’s life or somebody else’s personal issues they shouldn’t be discussing.. When we accept ourselves who are they to decide what you should be doing ..don’t you worry about these cheap talks ..this is good about India people make us so strong by giving us such challenges in life ..the pure hearted ones still bloom like a lotus in mud ..😇 ..stay cool and calm as you always do and you will be over it sairam

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