We are living with false ideas of happiness

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

(Edit – I wrote this article last night and when I woke up, I felt really depressed. I had a dream but hardly remember it. I thought Sai doesn’t like it when I mention the dream he blessed me related to this girl for over a year. But to me, its not dream. Its Sai’s very own work of art. I see Sai working as a sculpture to create dreams and make it reality in everyone’s life. Just that, I don’t think I will have these dreams converted as reality. I must behave properly and not expect anything from anyone. Especially, not from this girl. I must surrender to Sai and can only plead him to show me a way.

I keep saying this to myself – I am too old for having any desires and hence I must refrain from bothering this girl. I already don’t bother her but I must also giveup this obsession on her. That too when I know she is focussed on something she desires. It’s like, I am contraditing to nature. We must let people live their life and never bother them. I must do good to everyone I come across and move on.)

Now read on…

This morning, I had to sweep our home since our Maid has not come. I consider it as one of the greatest accomplishment of the day. he he..

I actually had a very strage dream last night.

I see couples in a very luxurious resort home. They have 2 kids who look like around 10 years old. There’s a small lake behind the resort. I see luxury car brand being parked near the lake. I could clearly see some strange version of Bugatti car which you can drive on land and also water. Thats’s it.

It’s a very small dream and I could hardly guess anything out of it.

I went to work wondering what Sai might have meant by showing couples with their kids going for picnic in a luxury resort where there’s a Bugatti car.

After a while, My Pa called up saying that water keeps coming out of my Ma’s eye since some dust has entered the eye. I decided to take her to Aravid Eye Hospital. I respect this health care organization a lot in Coimbatore. Their model of Eye care system has been studied and adopted by several healthcare professionals across the globe. In 2013, I wrote an article about it in StarSai

God gives pains to you and your dear ones because he wants you to do a good deed to ward of pains of many whom you don’t know

On the way, I felt little bad of myself for naming this girl a witch. I thought that’s why my Ma got dust into her eyes. May be not. It just happened. She has tried to take out the dust by herself from morning but seems it started hurting more. Once we reached the Hospital, I felt good. I never feel like we have come there for treatment in this place. I usually go to Saint Arabindo and the Mother’s prayer hall in the first floor but this time I could not.

I respect the girls working in Aravind hospital – You know these girls help the patients by taking them one section after other. As I always say,

The world needs ordinary people who do ordinary jobs.

Thankfully, The Doctor removed the dust in my Mom’s eye. Also, we enquired for my Mom’s cataract surgery. They asked us to come after a weeks time after the eye got healed.

We returned home and had food in the evening itself. I love my Mom’s dosa. When my Mom went to the U.S for the second time, I even made a site in which I wrote about how much I love my Mom’s dosa.

I went to buy some medicine for my Mom and then reached Saibaba temple.

I lit 3 lamps. I went back to my car in the parking space and sat inside the car. I was trying to analyze the dream. Why did Sai showed luxury car in dream? Especially, I could see the brand name too!

Bugatti cars costs over a million dollars – 5-6 crores.

After some thought process, this is what I understood

  1. There are some families in which they had a habit of going places – They go abroad, they travel beautiful places, they have fun etc.
  2. There are also people who are obsessed with luxury cars. They buy these cars as a status symbol.

Firstly, May be Saibaba don’t like it when some couples feed their children with too much comfort. When I say too much comfort, I mean luxurious life.

I am not against enjoying life. You can always happily stay in a luxury hotel or resort but think deeply if you are spoiling your children along with you.

Try to teach how tough is life to your children and not how nice it is.

There could also be a message for me. I also have an obsession for luxury cars like Mercedes and BMW. May be, Sai means to tell me –

“Be happy with what you have in life”

Secondly, I also see the setup of the dream is a young family – Couples in their early 40s with 2 kids.

May be, the dream shows us how these couples assume that they are “Happy’ in the luxury resort and own a luxury car.

If you get deep inside their lives, they might not really be happy or they only assume that this is “Hapiness”.

I did saw 2 kids in the dream but I don’t see them enjoying their time in the place. I just see them moving around in the resort.

When you want your kids to do good in their life, do not pamper them with luxurious tours, cars etc. Now a days, I see many accidents in India being caused by rich kids driving recklessly.

I am not against travel and tourism. Ha ha..Every industry must survive. You can certainly enjoy life but there are times when you must ask yourself

“What really do I mean by Happiness?”

Then, unearth true happiness for family and yourself.

I told Saibaba that I am happy for what ever he has given me.

I often comment on the job I do but to be honest, its a OK place to work. It’s not that bad. I feel happy for coming across some good people.

I must be thankful to Sai for what he has given me and not complain.

Something that bothers me is that they are gonna change the place of work to some other building.

Today, I thought I will certainly miss 2 things.

  1. Since I sit near the Coffee maker, I often help people who wants to drink something when the guy who takes care of it is not around. I enjoyed doing it.
  2. There’s a medical box near the cubboard. I had almost taken control of it. When ever anyone in the office is sick and asks for the medicine, I forcefully make them tell me what happened and give them the tablets. he he…

I actually don’t even know what tablets to give when someone has a fever or headache.

In the past one year, I started purchasing tablets myself and keep it in the box. I ask the guys working in Pharmacy where I get my Mom’s medicine to guide me which tablets to give when someone is sick with fever or cold etc.

One of my friend near me also guides me on which tablets to give when someone is sick. Then too, I forget which tablet to give and get confused. I somehow manage to give the right one.

I wish that in the new place also the medical box must be near me because I enjoy taking care of people. When ever someone asks for a purticular tablet, I note it down and purchase it next time I go to shop. Again someday, when they ask for it, I will happily give it to them. I call it “Employee Experience”.

The little I could do!

Wish I could do such stuff in a bigger scale all my life.

Today, I went to a small temple of Mariamman and worshipped her. I told her that I am missed Goddess Karpagambal of Kabaliswarar temple in Mylapore, Chennai. Its been years since I saw Karpagambal of this temple. I love her so much. Many years back, an old man used to stand opposite to the Goddess near the door and keep on saying something. He can’t saw any words . He simply can make some sound. Probably he lost his speech but still comes there regularly to worship the Mother.

I remember those good old days! If you are from Chennai and reading this, if you get opportunity to go to Mylapore Kabaliswarar temple, please offer a flower on my behalf to Karpagambal. She’s truly a Goddess of mercy.

I will tell you a secret!

A year back, I was deeply hurt why the dream about this girl is completely not matching reality.

The day before, I stood near Sai photo in my room and asked him

“Will she ever talk to me Baba?”

On March 16th 2017, I had a very beautiful dream.

I actually woke up at 6 A.M.

I slept of again imagining I am near Karpakambal and slept off chanting Sai’s name and Karpagambal’s name.

In the dream, I hear the following words like a poem. It was like a Tamil song. I am not telling the song though. I will treasure it for lifetime!

She will speak to you like a painting speaks for itself.

I was soooooooooooooooooo happy. I though may be, someday she will speak to me for sure.

I used to listen to the song which matches with the above poem and keep listening to it from then on. I often wonder if its real Sai can guide me this way too?

The only problem was “Will a painting speak in reality”. It won’t.

So I thought, may be, Sai also means to say, She would never speak to you as a painting can
never talk.

Anyway, the way Sai and Goddess Karpagambal made me happy on that day can’t be described in words.

I don’t know why I am writing about this girl often in StarSai. Eventually, I will start to hate her. I mean, life keep changing and I will forget her.

Coming back to the theme of the article, I am not against anything luxurious.

Sai wants you to enjoy your life with your family.

But ask yourself what is real happiness and give that to your family and especially your children.

Give them what will stay with them for lifetime.

Let your children not be trapped in false ideas of happiness.

Sai…Take care of your children

Om Sai Ram


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