I fail because I don’t listen to Saibaba

Sairam friends,

Sometime back, I was asked if I can take photographs of everyone at my workplace as they were working on a New employee id card. I denied requesting them to look for a better photographer. Eventually, it came back to me and I agreed to do it for one reason.

“We must accept any work that helps us interact with many people and do something that touches their life and photography is one amoung them”

But when ever I do photography, I also feel little sad as I had been into it for almost 20 years and never made a career out of it. Probably, that’s not for me or Sai knew before several years that I will never be a filmmaker as I desired and just wanna use my skills for some good deeds and nothing more.

I never would have imaged this is the life I am going to live before 10-15 years. Anyway, This is an example of accepting the twists and turns in life rather than complaining.The only advantage I had the past few years is living near my parents and I am thankful to Sai for this blessing.

Anyway, Last afternoon, I went to Saibaba temple near my office and felt really good. I sat few minutes in Dwarakamai and looked at Sai.

At night, I was happy the my favourite Dog Snowy in the campus was sleeping and I gave him biscuits. The Camera lens did not had a filter which I need. Trying to purchase the filer, I was drenched in rain. I enjoyed it but felt why I never use my Car so regularly?

I always proudly write that I live by Saibaba’s words no matter what he says but that’s not true in all issues.

Saibaba blessed me with a dream asking me to wake up at 5.30 AM and do the work I am doing these days.

This morning, I did woke up at 5.30 AM but felt sleepy and slept off again. I kept telling myself that I am not listening to Sai as I feel tired or should we call it laziness.

Further, My Father kept telling me to think of a career other than Computers! I wonder what should that be because this is all I could think of. He wanted me to do Phd in Management but not sure if I will make it through the admission process. I forgot all that I learnt during MBA.

Lets see.

Wish Saibaba helps me get rid of my laziness and makes me work sincerely on my project.

Om Sai Ram


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