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Experience of Shirdi Saibaba devotee from Canada

Sairam friends,

After many days, I received this devotees experience which to me is an expression of beautiful devotion on Shirdi Saibaba.

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Living in Canada by Sai grace

I wanted to share by experience with Baba, same like other Sai devotees there are lots of stories that happened to me. Everyone know that Baba doing miracles in every sai devotees life.
I read that Sai chooses his devotees to worship. Sai came to me 7 years back but because of my previous birth karma and sin, I was not able to worship him when I was in India. If he came to me early I would have lived in India my beloved place, Because of my marriage I came to Canada, which I don’t like any foreign countries. Still now I don’t like to stay here, I am forcing myself to stay here because I cannot come out from my marriage bond.

Blessed to Sleep peacefully

After marriage, for 5 years had lots of problem in my life, my m in law insulted me a lot, and got lots of mental stress and was not able to sleep, every single day I cried, there is no day without crying from 2003 to 2008, no one to share my problems here. Once my husband’s elder brother’s wife came from uk and gave me very small Baba’s photo which normally to keep in car with frame and stand. one day I was crying the whole night not able sleep, I took that small baba’s photo prayed and cried and asked “baba to make me sleep I wanted to sleep Baba”, and kept that photo in my hand and slept well, from that day I became baba devote, until now baba is helping me in lots of occurrences I used to live with problems and able to withstand and tolerate all my problems.

Baba blessed me and protected me. Baba gave job to survive. I had lots of health issues and baba cured me.
Baba is everything for me, baba is my heart and soul, my amma, my appa, guru, my doctor, my best friend, every time  I am taking to baba and in front of baba’s photo, no one here I can share  to talk, I always talk to baba  while I was cooking or any other task. When I talk in front of baba’s photo always cry, I used to go baba’s temple in Toronto.

Lots of small incidents to major problems baba solved for me, I like to share 2 of those, for a long time having problem with stomach and indigestion in stomach and worst case get fall in a faint.  I tried all acid reflex medication recommended by a doctors. Most of the time the acid control tablets didn’t work, or  it give temporary relief for several hours. I don’t know what to eat and what food I have to take because of this problem. (if I told all these to any specialized doctor they would have separated my stomach apart an hospitalized several months with several types of scanning) baba cured me without hospital or scanning)

I cried to Baba to cure me from this problem and every day I apply udi in my stomach, after marriage I was eating only bread for breakfast no idly or any of our Indian breakfast.  Every baba devotees know that baba talk inside you, your mind to do something to resolve any problems, it is an intuition inside you, you can realize that after the problem resolved, like that baba gave me an intuition to buy wet grinder to make idly. Searched in internet and saw one Indian lady selling wet-girder bought that I stared making idly every morning for breakfast and stopped eating any Canadian bread or whole wheat bread, I am completely cured now without medication, now I am not taking the acid reflex pills. I thank baba for cured me completely.

Saibaba blessings to get good job

Like to share my other experience, most of the customer services jobs here are 24/7 and contract jobs. I got a customer service job for evening shift that is 3pm to 10.30pm, can’t say no to job because getting a job is not an easy, for one month struggled have to take bus and subway train to go to my job in the night time.  I worked for that evening shift and surprisingly next month was transferred to morning shift, even every other agents who are working with me in the same evening and night shift. Only I transferred to morning without any request made by me.
Baba gave me peace or mind, gave me heart and mind how to tolerate problems, even though there is problems because of my karma.

It is not easy to live in any foreign country for a traditional south Indian girl to survive with this extreme cold weather conditions, getting proper job, hard to adjust with this culture and people.I don’t like  anything here in Canada, even after living  here for more than 10 years, I  don’t want to live here, praying baba to move back to my home country again. I believe it will happen.

Thank you Baba all the time that is my prayer, thank you baba for everything you gave me, what I have, what I am going to have.  I don’t want to be rebirth again if I born again be with me from the day of my birth.I stated reading starsai for last one month from my work place. So I wanted to write my experiences, My mind and soul always think Sai Sai Sai, nothing else

Please apologies for any grammatical mistakes, Thank you Starsai


Sairam friends,

Hope you like the above devotees experience.

I wish to listen to more devotees experiences like this. Though I started to collect devotees experiences, most of them were like prayers or telling their problems. Only when devotees share their positive experiences with Sai, it becomes Sai Leela and also inspires others


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