How do you expect an Indian women to be?

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Sairam friends,

Few weeks back, I made a simple video with images listing “Women in Tech” as I always get inspired by girls who make it big in their career. After I screened it, I wasn’t sure if these girls actually realized why I did that? Some of my welwisher’s kept telling me that some guys feel “Why should he make a video for girls?” and lots of other comments.

The problem is, I have come across so many girls who are educated but at one point of time, they give up their career goals. I personally know few of them who keep telling me that they regret for giving up focus on their career to have kids or to rise kids. This is happening even today in India. And most girls and guys simply work on something to earn their living and do not set bigger goals for themselves.

If a girl cannot decide whom she’s gonna marry in India, then, there’s basically a problem in the cultural setup 

In most parts of India, even educated parents have this control on their daughter. The best part is even guys are treated like this by parents in some families.

I don’t know if our tradition asked us to respect horoscope and caste system than true love? 

I am not expecting our girls to freak out but they must realize, their voice matters and living up their dreams matters to create a better world. After getting few bad comments, I could not stop myself. I requested some of my Sai friends to send me their video or voice for the following question.

How do you expect an Indian women to be?

I have 3 voices from girls in 3 different parts of the world as of now. I will be making a simple video with that.

I shall give you my number to Whatsapp me your voice. ( I always keep my Mobile number confidential but I want this video to be colloborative..Video would be great..Just a one minute clipping..But Voice will be appreciated)

Yesterday, I went to the Movie Dangal with my friends. Every time, I watch a movie, it takes me back to my memories which hurts me. So I avoid watching movies.  I truly enjoyed Amir Khan and the little girls performance. It was honestly very emotional to me as it took me on a flash back.

The Cinematographer Setu has been very kind to me when ever I spoke to him during filmmaking days. Once I told him “Shall I join you as assistant after my Vis.Com” and he said “Yes…You will be around here right..So call me”

Once there was an Ad in News paper seeking Camera Attandant in Hyderabad Prasad Lab. He told me “It will give you good exposure in Cinematography as you will work with many Cinematographers in Telugu movies..So take it up”

I went to Hyderabad and got the job.I spent 3 days there and did some Photography. I came back and my editor asked me “They want you to join.When are you going to Hyderabad?”

I told him “I like to be in Chennai….”

I said “NO”.

Something made me like Chennai so much those days.

Now, I say the same with “Coimbatore”..I like to be in Coimbatore.

Wish to make a simple video on Coimbatore.

And yeah..I will again make this simple video for girls…If anyone tells me, why you did it or don’t do it, I will do more of it! He he…


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