Events unfolding exactly the way Saibaba showed me in dream

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Last evening, I went with my friend to mall for shopping. I was really worried about what ever is happening at work. I realized that even close friends will become foe just because I am holding on to Sai’s words in dream. People think I am crazy. Honestly, its not that I desire this girl. I just respect my Guru’s words so much that I can’t move on with my life. But Saibaba gave me a time limit to be calm. Having parents who are too weak with health issues, I told Saibaba to get me some clarity on this issue.

Some people close to me keep telling that I must find a better job. My only problem is I don’t wanna leave my parents alone after all these years as most opportunities are available outside Coimbatore. Sai asks me to have patience and be calm.

My only happiness is my new site and the kind of support I get for it from professionals around the world. Its hard to make people tell their story but somehow I am working hard to collect experiences.

Do not trust dreams

That’s the advice and request every one close to me tell me. I get it. The usual logic is that you see dreams based on what you think and sleep. That’s for others. I sleep in a different way. I tell Sai, Baba please come in dream and guide me. Then, I hug a Sai book and sleep chanting Sai’s holy name. Sai sometimes won’t bless me with a dream but at times he does.

The surprising part is that what ever is happening these days were told by Sai in dream couple of month back. After shopping, we wanted to have food in a good restaurant. My friend stopped his bike to ask something to guy in the road side shop. After a while, I told him, if you take me back to that shop,I will show you something. He rode back and was surprised to see the name of the shop.

He said, then lets have dinner here and we got in. The best part was we saw a beautiful Saibaba photo with garland offered kept inside the shop. I am not connecting anything. I am sharing an experience. Let people marry as they wish. Let people live their life. My responsibility is to follow Sai’s words. I told my friend may be, I am just supposed to do something good to this girl as I might have sinned her in some previous birth. I really wonder what I should do?

Rather than focusing on one girl, I must do a project that reaches millions of other women. Fortunately, when I interview some girls for, they feel happy about it when they get featured. This isn’t enough. I must touch lives of people through what I do and Sai has to guide me work on it.

The featured photo is the one I saw in the little road side shop. As soon as I saw him, I said “Baba..You are here!” He was cute and super cool!

If my dreams aren’t given by Saibaba, then why should some events happen exactly the way he showed me in dream? Its my job to be calm and do only what my Sai asks me to do.

My Mom’s not well. All I want is she must get healed soon by Sai grace. I don’t even like writing articles about this issue but something makes me do it since I am recording how events unfold. This is the respect I give for Sai’s words.

Sai blessings


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