You can do anything to earn your living but are you excited about it?

Shirdi Saibaba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I went to Saibaba temple, claimed on the terrace and offered garland to all the 5 Saibaba statues on terrace. Then, I started back home.

I actually wanted to do a Sai video for you but it was 10 o clock when I reached home. Only thing I do for my Mom is wash the vessels at night and I enjoy doing it. Our maid isn’t coming to work past 3 weeks. So I sweep home in the morning. I really get irritated when my Ma says “Look you left patch of dirt there” and I tell her “I know. You mind your work” he he…

I am doing it to prove my parents that I am responsible and I also know to keep home clean. My Ma always complains that my sister keeps her home clean but my room is always taken care by my parents. I repeatedly tell them “When ever you go to U.S, Its me who swept the home if the maid doesn’t turn up”. Anyway, Now a days, my Ma isn’t that healthy. So I do little I can for her.

This morning, the girls and few aunties at work were planning some stuff for Navratri festival. I kept teasing that “People come to office to speak about what Sarees they are gonna wear?”. My friend did all he could to control me and asked me not to shout like this. I told him “This is the right time to prove that I am more professional because I don’t speak about what to wear to work’. Anyway, I don’t know why I behave like this?

I can’t control my mouth Saibaba. Having said that, I love Saree. Not sure about it though. I like Salwar. OK Saree. OK Both. he he..It depends.

I made a site especially to spread the message that its a blessing to gift sarees to women. Someone else took that domain when it got expired. This is the problem in maintaining several micro sites. At times, I don’t have money to renew them or even think its OK to let that go and later regret it.

When ever people speak about Navratri, I think of my days in Mumbai. Ashish and myself used to go to places and see women dancing garba. One of the dandiya song which melts my heart is this..

Radha Kaise Na Jale

Madhuban mein jo Kanhaiya kisi gopi se mile
Kabhi muskaaye, kabhi chhede, kabhi baat kare
Radha kaise na jale, Radha kaise na jale
Aag tan mann mein lage
Radha kaise na jale, Radha kaise na jale

In the honeygarden, when Krishna meets a gopi
He sometimes smiles, sometimes teases, sometimes talks
How can Radha not be jealous?
Fire burns in her body and mind
How can Radha not be jealous?

Madhuban mein bhale Kaanha kisi gopi se mile
Mann mein to Radha ke hi prem ke hain phool khile
Kis liye Radha jale, kis liye Radha jale
Bina soche samjhe
Kis liye Radha jale, kis liye Radha jale

In the honeygarden, even if Krishna meets a gopi
In his mind, only the flowers of Radha’s love bloom
Why should Radha be jealous?
Without thinking, without understanding
Why should Radha be jealous?

I told this girl at work “I will show how real dandiya should look like” simply to make fun.

One of my friend showed a Photography contest where I can win a DSLR if more number of people share the photo I took. So I pulled in the other guy who was planning to buy a DSLR and forced him to get it soon so that I will get a new Saibaba statue, 50 baby pink Roses, light lamps and take a Sai photo. I told him that I have lots of Sai children who are crazy about Saibaba and they will like my photography. Eventually, by November Sai will get me the camera through contest because I can’t afford one…he he….What kind of project that must be?

Now, look at this Saibaba in one of my elderly Sai friends home. He’s in Coimbatore but there’s lots of secrets about him. He has spoken about my life to her and I know his words will come true. This Saibaba is very special to me.

Shirdi Saibaba

The Sai who had spoken about my life and gave me visions

I wanted to make a Sai Video that spreads happiness but not sure how the script should be for that. I imagined a lot and not getting the right story to tell. Lets see. ( Subscribe to my Youtube Channel – Coffee With Venkat )

Finally, we have now come to the theme of the day.

Are you excited about what you are doing?

Today, while walking in Saibaba colony, I saw some labor men constructing something in the road side. Two of these guys were very young and were painstakingly hitting a huge concrete stone with a hammer. They were sweating and really working hard. On my walk back, I saw one of this guy telling his friend…

“At times, I won’t have money at all”

I walked past them but the words and what they were doing remained in my heart for a while.
I learn a lot from these ordinary Indians. The surprising fact is that when they were working, they really gave all their energy to it. It was almost like they were excited about their work. I came home and felt that I must post something useful in my new site. I came across this video on Functional programming and kept listening. Have you seen people who speak with so much excitement when asked to share their work?

I like such people. I don’t judge people on what they earn and where they work. It’s in how much they love what they are doing to earn their living. Only very few of us are gifted to do a work which we love to do. All others, simply do it as if its a burden.

Have a look – Exciting way to learn functional Programming with JavaScript: Anjana Vakil

( Note that this is just an example – Keep watching  TED Talks and other Conference speeches. You will come across people who passionately express and share their knowledge)

I am completely alien to these technologies but we all like to listen to someone who shares their knowledge with lots of excitement. She’s really expressive. I was wondering how many times I have been excited about what I have been doing (Apart from what I do in StarSai?)

Life isn’t about how much money you make but how many people you can influence by sharing your knowledge.

From the guys who were hitting with hammer to break a stone to the women who codes, all that makes them happy is their love for what they do.Several times, we complain about our career and business for that matter. May be, we must leave all other worries and just be excited about what we do. You simply have to work and never expect the fruits of work.Someday, your excitement and passion for what you are doing will take you to great heights.

You can do anything to earn your living but are you excited about it?



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  • Congrats to you.i come across so many sites of Baba were the last article is some 3 years back.Some people do things in just the spur of the moment and forget all about it.

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