Don’t show off while you drive. It’s a matter of life and peace of mind for others on road

drive carefully
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Sometimes, I prefer going with friends in thier bike because I feel depressed when I drive back home at night all alone. I either think about Sai or start to worry a lot about my life.

Once in a while, I get dreams about what might happen when I am on road if I take my Car on that day. When ever I get such dream, I call my friend to say I will join him to go office in his bike.

But this is not always possible. At times, even when Sai warns me, I had to take my car to go out.

This morning, I had several dreams. One was like this

I see myself sitting inside my car and trying to switch on the head light. But the lights are not getting on. I was wondering if the bulb not fuse or if there’s any other issue. That’s it.

There were other dreams which I shall discuss later.

One year back, I had a dream in which Sai said I am going to feel guilty as I missed to take care of my Mom. So when ever my Mom is sick these days, I make sure I take her to Doctor for checkup. From the past 10 days, my Mom kept saying she has pain in chest. She thinks its due to cold but  I was little scared and wanted to consult doctors if her heart is fine. This morning, I had to take my Mom to medical lab for some tests.

Since today’s dream was about headlight not working in my car, I took a pinch of Udi and kept over it. We started to the lab when suddenly a car came fastly into the road from a gate in the side. Somehow, I recogonized it, honked and took right to get past the car without hitting over it. I would have gone past just few feets when the Women driving the car took over me as if she’s escaping me.

I won’t leave such people easily without giving some “Words”. I chased her down to the main road, stopped adjascent to her car and asked her to bring down the window glass. I honestly din’t scold her. I just told her, when you are emerging into a road, be careful and let people know that a car is going to come out of the place. Instead, if you suddenly push the car into the road, none will be able to guess that a vehicle is gonna come into the road. She told me that she comes out of that place 4 times a day and was honking as soon as she started the car. I said, that’s the problem. Who wants you to honk when you are starting the car? You must do it while you emerge out into the road.

She and the women sitting near her were laughing while listening to me. The women driving was a Doctor and hence din’t want anyone to pin point her mistake. She acted as if she’s right. I told her, I say this since I “Care’ and hence she must think and drive.

Later, we went to lab and came back.

Here’s a problem.

Many people think that they are good in driving and they are right.  Everyone is good in driving until there’s an accident.

I don’t mind you driving confidently but don’t show off as if you know everything. The biggest truth of all is that you don’t know how and when an accident happens? It takes 2 seconds of negligence to ruin peace of mind for others on road and yours too.

The most inhuman part of the whole episode this morning was the way the women drove fast to escape me. I also drove fast, stopped near her and only adviced her. When she started laughing, I asked her not to laugh. Finally, she agreed its her mistake and will be careful from now on.

The women wants to portray as if nothing happened and she drives well.

If they are a college girls or a guys, then they can have such an  attitude as I can’t expect kids to act matured. This lady is a Doctor and wants to prove how smart she drives.

I had always told Sai this –

I must never hurt anyone all my life. Not with my words. Not with my deeds. Not at all on road by hitting anyone innocent.

I always wear a seat belt. Please do it. Ask your friends to do it.

I have a very ordinary small car. Why should Sai show me dreams and ask me to be careful? Because I treasure it. Further, I can’t go through the guilt is someone’s vehicle is hurt because of me. Today my head light and front portion of the car would have been damaged because of negligence of a women Doctor who assumes her driving skills are as good as her ego.

Another message here..

I see some people showing off when they go to temple. They expect special treatment for them.

Be clear about this

“Drop down your ego and authority when you are on road and in temple.” he he…

Give respect to others who ride with you. You can drive fast but not recklessly. Always be conscious about vehicles and people on road.

Everyone treasures their vehicle even if its an ordinary one. Everyone treasures their life. Drive considering people on road as your teammates.

Sai blessings


(Edit – Once again its combination of Sai dream and the fact that I take immense care while I drive which has given me peace of mind today. So you must not think Sai din’t warn you and prevent you from an accident. He is guiding you through this article. I believe all my experiences must be a lesson for someone else so that they won’t commit the mistake I do. If I accept that I am not a skilled driver, the only truth which remains is ‘Sai”. This is why I stronly believe in Sai and the way he communicates to me through dreams. I live by his words because Sai has used dreams to save me on several occasions. Now you must understand why I keep asking Saibaba to give me an opportunity to serve people in need.

I don’t like spending my life doing pooja or visiting temples. What really makes Sai happy is when we change others life for good. I hope to work on such an initative in the near future.

What ever good Sai does to me, I must do it to ordinary people in need. That will make Sai proud of me.

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