Doubt and Error

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Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Instead of reading what I went through in the previous articles, I believe, it will do good to people if they read how mind works and some of the negative aspects of mind.

I choose to write about Doubt and Error.

Mind has several funtions and these two function – Doubt and Error brings negative result to us.


When you doubt yourself, you loose your ability to get it to action and achieve what you really wanted to.

When you doubt your husband/wife/family members, you loose their trust on you.

When you have doubt if Saibaba will really take care of your life, your faith on Sai is shaken.

Never doubt. Analyze every situation. Understand people clearly.

Just come to a final decision – A clear thought process and move on.

Keep working hard for your growth.

Learn to understand people and either be good to them or leave them forever silently.


Human mind commits error. Its not your action which does a mistake. Your mistakes or wrongful doing begins with your mind.

Get rid of error completely by making sure you have these 2 principles.

  1. You will only think and do good.
  2. You will do anything with heart and soul and focus on the work with dedication.

This way, you can get rid of error and be perfect in what ever you do.

All my previous 2-3 articles are about the sufferings I went through since I liked a girl. Asked Sai for guidance and then started series of dreams which I will trust for lifetime.

Just that I must also understand the quality of my mind.

My mind is not error free. I have done a mistake.

I have to focus on doing something productive.

Om Sai Ram


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