Do not fight or interact with anyone – Sai Baba

Sairam friends,

I had been to Saibaba temple in my hometown yesturday evening and simply sat in the parking space. I usually don’t like going into main hall of Saibaba temple on Thursdays as it will be crowded with many devotees. I don’t wanna disturb Sai’s children. One of this uncle was telling me about people who were serving Sai before 15 years. After that, I went for a walk and reached home.

I am not doing any work at night these days. One thing that keeps repeating in me is a desire to do something for my Nation. I wanted to do a project to help people learn new skills and get better jobs. It has been in my mind for a long time now but I am not practically doing anything about it.

I slept off hugging Sai Satcharita and had the following dream.

It was like a women who plans something against her daughter in law. Something we typically see in TV serials..he he…She was cunning and doing such a plan.

I wonder why I got this dream.

Then, I had another dream in which Saibaba gave me a message

“Do not fight or interact with anyone”

I usually keep talking or telling something to people I know at work. Eventually, when ever my friends annoy me, I also fight with them – Meaning the conversation gets uncomfortable for them.

May be, Saibaba wants me to be calm to the maximum.

Sai really wants me to try my best not to interact with anyone. May be, he is preparing me for something better. Its always good not to talk rather than talking with rights and getting hurt. I am not sure how to practice what Sai asked me to do this morning.

Its hard to shut my mouth and keep calm.

You might be wondering how I am getting such messages. Honestly, I won’t be in deep sleep. I almost woke up when I suddenly hear such messages. Most of the time, its in English. Sometimes, I get words in Tamil or Hindi. When ever I say such experiences, people think I am lucky. Well. Its not about luck.Its about the connection you have with Saibaba.

I am not able to understand how Sai works even after all these years.

Baba, please help me stay calm.

Sai blessings


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