There’s a Diamond living in my heart. The name of this diamond is “Sai”!

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Firstly, My Sai friend Utkarsh is in Shirdi. The featured photo is Mahalakshmi temple in Shirdi. How much I love this Mahalakshmi. She’s my sweet heart you know? The photo below is the entrance of Darshan que. How sweet! I am happy that he sent me few photos from his Shirdi darshan.

ice cream shirdi

Little dark but entrance to Sai Darshan has to be dark because light is in Sai himself!

Shirdi Saibaba made me realize that he lives in my Body, Mind and Soul!

On Friday evening, couple of my friends had some plan and I also felt like spending time with them. It was getting late for one of this guy and hence I told that I wanna go to Shirdi Saibaba temple. They both immediately said that fine. You go. We even planned for a movie and I pleaded them to go to Shopping mall. They never agreed and were adamant on where they wanna go. I usually have snacks with them when ever I go places they like to spend evening.

Finally, at around 7.40 PM we went to the parking. One of this girl asked something and the other guy said something which really irritated me because I go with them as I like their company. These two guys tease me so much these days and I feel like beating them. I ran towards one of this guy to beat him. I don’t even know why I behaved like that?

What’s wrong even if people think ill of me? I must have kept calm.

I suddenly hit on a cement beam and fell down. Thankfully, I did not got hurt on my face and my Camera which I was carrying in the bag behind me too was safe. I could not bear the pain in my thumb finger in right leg. I immediately started blabbering at them saying I don’t like it when they tease me so badly and asked why he said like that?

Irrespective of the pain, I started laughing because I have seen kids falling down like this running behind their parents in Saibaba temple’s parking space. Devotees used to lift them up when they start to cry. I was also embarrassed because this girl was also around and I felt why Sai always makes me get embarrassed infront of her. Already, I feel guilty for everything that happened in the past 7 month. Enn Maanam pochu Sai.

I seem to be so weak that in the next 5 minutes, I felt too dizzy. They took me in bike and got me Miranda! LoL. And they happily took me to where they wanna go. How cruel? I was standing in bus stop opposite to office at 10.30 at night. A guy who works for Infosys Chennai offered to take me most of the distance in the cab he just called for. I gave him a Saibaba photo as he said his name is Guru. Finally, I reached home by 11 o clock taking lift from 3 different strangers as bus was not available during that time.

For the first time in all these months, I felt if I should consider taking my car to work everyday? But the only physical activity I do is the walks I take and roaming I do at night after work. Driving by Car will chop that physical activity too. Further, I feel good when these guys are around as I enjoy their presence.

Irrespective of what their lifestyle is, they have already been kind to me.

Here’s another Shirdi trip photo from Utkarsh!

Dwarakamai Shirdi

Believe this is Dwarakamai and even if you can’t see it clearly, its special as Baba lived there

It was paining a lot that night but I was so happy to post article on this girl who works for Google Singapore as she took time to get featured –

Google is like family to me

Since my Mom wasn’t well, I couldn’t focus on the new site. Atleast, by end of the week, I covered a professional and that too from Google. I love Google for the kind of vision they have! So the site Sai named in dream reached Google! Call it “Gethu!” or Say we are Rocking! Slowly but certainly!

Next morning, my friend called up and casually said “Venkat. Go to Ganga hospital because I assume you might have got slight fracture”.

It was too hot and I hated going out and felt better to lay down. My parents were really upset with me and asked what actually happened? How should I describe my stupidity?

I could not even drive my car as the thumb finger was swollon. I couldn’t try for taxi as I people who drive Auto also have to live. Call it ¬†“Being one with ordinary Indian”. So I took auto and then reached Hospital by Bus. The Out patient time was already closed. I went to Emergency ward.

The nurse asked me

“Did anyone come along with you?”

I said No.( I told my parents not to come with me as they are already weak.) She asked me to make a token in the counter which I did.

What I love about this hospital is they have Shirdi Saibaba’s photo in many places. This Samadhi photo of Baba was in sky blue color.

I told Baba

“Namaku idhu thevaya? I would have simply come to Saibaba temple as usual and lived in peace.”

Doc asked me how it happened and when? He asked me to take X ray.

The nurse asked “Can you walk or you need a wheel chair?”

I said, Its OK. I can walk! he he..

The Malayalee girl in X ray room din’t know its just the foot and asked me to lay down. Then, She laughed and asked me to sit and show my leg alone.

Twenty minutes later, I was back in the emergency ward. The Doctor saw my X ray. He walked to me and said “Go to 4th floor to Surgery (*room something I forgot). As soon as he said that, I felt something dizzy in my head. For the first time, I realized that I get dizzy if I hear something that upsets me. The same would have happened the day before when I got hit too.

I wanted to have water but could not trace where I could have some.

I was made to sit in a cart in the ward which they prepare other patients for surgery as far as I could understand. I saw an old women and a guy in pain. I thanked Saibaba because I wasn’t in such a pain. I just had pain when I walk or touch the thump fingure. The North Indian Doctor and his assistant came and saw the X ray. He touched my finger and asked if its paining? I got scared that if I say its paining, they would want me to go through a surgey. I don’t wanna burden my parents roaming to hospital to take care of me.

So I immediately replied

“No. No pain at all. It just slightly hurts when I walk”.

He said, you need rest for 2-3 days as there’s a small fracture in the thumb finger. I could not trace the tiny hairline crack in xray. So asked the assistant to show me.

I was made to wait in the cart for another 30 minutes. I was thinking a lot about my life. A nurse came and did bondage on the finger. The Doc’s assistant again came and asked “How it happened?”

I told him.

After 5 minutes he came back and asked the time when I got it. Romba Mukyam uppa? I thought I like the number 8. So keep it 8 P.M.

They gave medicines. I got it done. My Father called up anxiously asking what happened? I said, nothing. Its going to be fine in 2 days.When parents get old, you can’t tell them everything over phone. I decided to spend few minutes to Saibaba temple oppostie to the hospital.

Devotees don’t know me personally but they seem to have seen me regularly. So the little band on the thumb finger made some people speak to me for the first time.

Sairam…How it happened? One of this aunty said

‘Sai is with you. You will be fine.”

It continued…Several devotees stopped to ask? What…Why..How…Cho Choo…Fracture? I said No just a tiny one. Hairline crack. Only 3 days and I will be fine.

They din’t know how I got hurt because its my own mistake. Who asked me to run? My own stupidity.

I could not get a Taxi as it was busy time. I sat in the corner of the coffee shop in temple and had Horlicks. The maid and even the priests in Saibaba temple asked me to take care. I called up these guys who teased me and made me run to get hit.

One of this guy was in wedding of a colleague. I told him that I shall call later. He insisted on telling and I said seems there’s…..And he was so excited. He showed saying “Monday leaveva…I will say to everyone.”

I did not expect this kind of happiness.

I called up the other guy. He was in his shop and casually listened. He said ‘Ya ya…I know its a fracture. I did not say because you were already feeling dizzy.”

He was crunching something in his mouth all the while. I asked him

“Are you tasting something when I am telling that I am in pain?”

He just asked me to take a photo of my finger and send it across in a group they made to make fun of me on Whatsapp.

I came home and did not sit on my Computer as parents will scold me. I slept in their room unable to pass time. I hugged Saibaba to come in dream and say a message regarding why this happened to me? So much embarrassment infront of this girl. En Maanam pochu Sai!

I did got a dream which wasn’t a clear message but a beautiful one.

All this day, I am roaming here and there inside my home. My internet wasn’t working in the morning. I got irritated!

I can’t stay a minute in home after 6 P.M. I must get out either to Saibaba temple or some place for that matter. My Father seem to know this and he showed me live darshan of Nagasai Mandir. He asked me why they have decorated Saibaba so nicely. I told him my friends and few devotees join to do it as Ram Navami is approaching on April 4th.

Suddenly I remembered what I missed!

Every Sunday before Ram Navami they used to carry Saibaba’s Palki in Saibaba temple here in Coimbatore – Nagasai Mandir. This year, I couldn’t make it and feel bad about it.

I had a dream in which Sai blessed with the word “Connected Experience” and started researching on the same. Don’t ask me why I have such crazy dreams. The dream also had a Man meditating in a place anyone would not even stand for long. I realized Sai wants me to meditate and connect with him.

I sat few minutes in evening infront of the Saibaba statue I got from Shirdi in 2007. Only today, I remembered what happened to this statue before 6-7 month while I was doing holy bath. The thumb finger of Baba’s right let broke off. I continued to worship this Saibaba statue as he is close to my heart. The Baba was kept inside Dwarakamai in Shirdi. A priest even kept chandan and handed it to me. So this Baba statue is special to me. I used to clean him with a bruch and soap to make him shine white. Its been a while since I cleaned him.

Anyway..Look at Saibaba’s leg..The thumb isn’t there. Its like Saibaba has taken the worst that could happen to himself.

Saints takes the pain of their devotees to their own body. Sai has suffered the painto himself and gave me only what I could bear

shirdi saibaba

Beautiful and divine Saibaba who came to my home in 2007. Look at his leg.

So what did I understand from this?

When I told couple of my friends about the dreams I had about this girl, they used to hurt me so much and make fun of me. Initially, they listened but later they started asking practical questions. I don’t even need this girl any more but I am determained to prove how much my Saibaba communicated with me.

Once I asked Saibaba this question “When will I be able to prove that you only spoke to me and gave me all those messages Sai?”

Baba said “When ………… realizes I live in you”

There are few experiences Saibaba gives me to prove his presence in my Body, Mind and Soul. It happens to few Sai devotees. If you keep on remembering him, Sai will certainly make you realize that he is present in you.

Though the pain in my right leg’s thumb finger is excruciating, I feel happy that it matched with the divine Shirdi Saibaba statue in my home.

What more do I need to realize Sai dearly lives in me.

Every inch of my body belongs to Sai!

Every thought that emerges in my mind comes from Sai

Every thing that my Soul has Sai and Sai alone.

There’s a Diamond living in my heart. The name of this diamond is “Sai”!

I started writing this article…

Listening to many songs!

Sanam Re

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  • Sairam Venkatji,

    I have started reading your articles recently and find them very interesting. This particular article is so beautiful as Shri Sai Babaji made you realise how our God takes all our pains and make us suffer only what we can bear. Your words are so true …. only we mere mortals dont realise this. When we start making a connection with them, then only we can realise that they are so close to us, guarding us in every aspect.

    Thanks for this wonderful article.

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