When its dark, don’t think you are buried, you are planted

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Last night, My Mom called up when I was on way to Saibaba temple and said she has breathing problem and asked me to get me a medicine which was given to her couple of month back. I got so scared and reached home. She was doing good but I told her either come to Doctor for checkup or make sure we have all the medicines at home. I told her not to leave me and go suddenly because I need her always. I told this to her laughing but deep in me there’s this fear which emerges when ever my parents get sick. I know Saibaba is safe guarding them.

Anyway, most of you come to StarSai only when you are going through a tough time in life. So its my responsibility to keep you motivated.

There are moments when Saibaba doesn’t seem to give instant change that you desire. Blessings doesn’t come as a package. You can’t get things done from Sai just through prayers. It takes “Patience”. Immense patience to sail with Sai in your ocean of life.

When you feel that your life is completely shattered and you don’t have a way out, remember Saibaba deeply and don’t loose your hope in growing ahead in life.

Sai certainly is remembering you but it doesn’t show up.

Doesn’t it take several weeks and months for a plant to grow as a huge tree?

Similarly, when you are worried, depressed and humiliated, I understand its just darkness that you see.

Instead of worrying that you are buried, you must realize that Sai has given you an opportunity to grow out of the mud and see the light.

Your time is yet to come. Meanwhile, use the wisdom you gain from your expreince.

You are going to grow ahead in your Career, Business or Academics for that matter and do good to near and dear.

When its dark, don’t think you are buried, you are planted

I found this quote in a Linkedin account of one of my connections and wrote this article.

Sai blessings to you and your family,


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  • Om Sai Ram. The message is wonderful. Full of hope and motivation. May Sai Babaji bless you and your family with love and health.

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