Could not sleep until 3 A.M and I can’t understand what Saibaba wants me to do

Sairam friends,

Last evening, I went to a clinic to get medicines for Mom and walked to the mall to get a Camera charger I recently broke. Later, I took a crowded bus to┬áSaibaba temple. Sometimes, I wish I had taken my car out instead of going by bus. I was wondering how there’s so much crowd in public transport even when there are so many vehicles people drive on their own to commute.

As I reached temple, downloaded a Book on Saibaba in my mobile and read it aloud. I usually like reading aloud as it makes me feel I am listening to Sai’s greatness. I bought bunch of Vilva (Bilva in Hindi) leaves to offer to Lord Shiva and Annapurani in my pooja place.

I reached home and was speaking to my parents few minutes. I asked my Father if he feels the crowd in India has increased or decresed compared to his early days. He told me, obviously it has increased compared to how it was 20 or 40 years back. He asked me to think about the empty land near our grandparents house. Many times, I worry how we people in India are going to survive 20 years from now. It’s going to be a much more crowded country. Do we have the right infrastructure, Food and Water facility for everyone of us? Needless to say, living in a highly populated country also makes your life complicated. Now you know how I am connecting Sai?

Saibaba has to take special care for people in countries like ours because majority of us are going to face some problems in surviving comfortably.

Later, I laid down and tried to sleep. I thought about my life and what’s gonna happen in few years? I honestly cannot sleep. Not even a bit. I came to my room and tried to sleep. Then, too I wasn’t able to sleep. It was like Sai trying to tell me something.

Only early in the morning, I slept off as I was too tired. I had a dream once again as if Saibaba wants me to do something for Small businesses in India. I have a project to brand India and started to work on it.

Anyway, I still can’t understand what exactly Saibaba wants me to do?

On Sunday afternoon, I had another dream in which I see myself in my Mom’s village where we used to go when we were kids. She’s looking at the car festival of Goddess Akilandeswari. Later, someone asks me to do fasting remembering Lord Murugan. This morning, I had another dream as if I complete writing an exam in GRD College. It makes me feel guilty as its been 2 years since Sai asked me to do Phd in Management but I never took any efforts yet. This is the only thing that Sai asked me to do but I haven’t listened to.

I prayed Sai to work on my life as I feel insecured about so many issues.


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