Do not control, preach or create a framework for Sai devotees way of showing devotion and reading Sai Satcharita

Sairam friends,

I am a very ordinary Sai devotee and firmly believe that there are wonderful, innocent Sai devotees who love him immensely. These days, I don’t often call myself as “Little Servant of Shirdi Saibaba” as I usually do because I honestly don’t have time to work for Sai. And my articles these days doesn’t always reflect Sai leela. StarSai is simply my recording place where I store information about life, what I come across and very slighly touch Sai.

Let me clarify this to you – I am totally behind a different principle the past 2 years.

I must do something to people practically than simply telling them to worship Sai and do pooja to Saibaba. So obviously, you can’t expect my words to sound too religious here. We must empower ourselves to lead a good life.

I am just asking people who write me that they don’t have a job to worship Sai and stopping there. Is it right? So I am a spiritualist? Is it? Anyone can do it. Even you can ask your friend who’s jobless to worship Baba. Sai has given me a different task. He wants me to see if I can do something practically, especially for youngters in India and I honestly don’t know if I can do it. I am just working on it. Lets see.

Saibaba must be the center of everything we do but simply worshipping Sai without plan, work and dedication doesn’t change your life.

I don’t wanna directly comment on anyone but I have a very humble request to people who take mobile number of Sai devotees to form a Whatsapp group.

Making sure only Sai and religious messages are shared itself is a huge effort. Only few can practice this.

I am a firm Sai devotee but I do have ups and downs in life. I might be in a bad mood in a rough day. I might feel happy to see a Sai message. Lets say I am going through bad phase for 2-6 month. Do you think I will be happy if the only good thing I get in my life for 6 whole month is Sai messages or photos?

I differ from many others in that I want to keep my Guru as someone who’s rarely available because that’s his very nature. Even when Baba lived do you think people can just walkin Dwarakamai? You know Sai’s stories. So analyze yourself if all were gifted to meet Sai regularly? ¬†– Read –

If Saibaba is easily available, its hard to know his worth.

When you have mobile numbers shared with everyone, its little hard to make sure none misuses it. So kindly be careful when you run a group for Sai in cloud messaging app. My personal idea is never to have such groups because devotion must be personal. Infact, I don’t always reply Sai devotees mails because it will become their habit to write to me when ever they face problem when Sai don’t need me at all. Whom am I between you and your Sai?

These days, some devotees either call me or mail me asking if I can participate in Parayan of Sai Satcharita. I encourage anything good done by Sai children and appreciated it. I said, I love to do it but then came a list of instructions on how I must do it.

I humbly told them, I will surely do parayan in my available time and on a personal level. I don’t wanted to give word to anyone that I will surely do it because what if on that purticilar day, I had some other responsibilities? Sai is important. Sai is my life but Sai wants me to focus on my life keeping him in my heart. The same applies to you also.

So worship Baba. Do chanting. Read Sai Satcharita but do it on a personal level. If you promise others that you will do a reading and missed it, you might feel guilty. This isn’t necessary at all because Baba just wants you to show devotion.

Your devotion on Shirdi Saibaba or reading Sai Satcharita doesn’t have to fall into a framework!

Anyway, This is my personal belief and I encourage people who do this because any effort to show devotion on Saibaba is good for you. So do it for sure if you are requested to read Sai Satcharita. Just that do not fall into any framwork. Not for lifetime.

Call me inexperienced in organizing Sai Satcharita?

You might wonder if I deserve to write on this. From 2006 to 2012, I had a forum for Sai devotees with more than 1 lakh posts. I took care of it.A devotee used to organize Sai Satcharita parayan lisiting chapters to be read by few members. She did it for 300 weeks and finally stopped it. Just that I am wondering she stopped it as a response to one of my post that I am depressed in life. Anyway, people are like that. While running a forum, I realized people get into difference of opinion even in Sai devotion and there’s a small silent clash. I shut down the forum and decided to never to work on a forum again.

The moment you get into discussion – Even if its on Saibaba, it leads to some happiness and some arguments.

So better focus on Sai and Sai devotees individually.

Sai devotion is beautiful and must never have any preacher or teacher. It never comprises of any orders. It simply must come from your heart.

Who can come between your Sai and yourself.

Its just “You” and in you lives Sai.

Note – This is not written to answer my friends who asked me to participate in Sai Satcharita parayan at present. Not at all. I respect all of you. This is written because all that I write here is for Sai children to adopt even after I die. After 1000 years too, an ordinary Sai devotee must have these truths registered in his/her heart.

Sai devotion is personal!

Sai devotion is all about freedom!

Sai devotion must emerge from one’s own heart and none must cage you into an organization, project or framework.

Hey! For people who are already reading Sai Satcharita, please continue doing it. Participate in such spiritual efforts because Baba himself likes it when an innocent devotee takes such huge effort.

I am here to encourage everyone but my opinions my own. You don’t even have to agree with me. I am a fool. Ignore me!

Once again, I am harsh to people. That’s why I suffer.


Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba

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  • Dear Venkat,
    “Sai devotion is beautiful and must never have any preacher or teacher. It never comprises of any orders. It simply must come from your heart.” These were the best lines of the post. You have described the real essence of Sai Bhakti.

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