When you are confused if you should marry the one whom you trust, just be silent for a while

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Today’s theme is about being true to the one whom Sai made you believe, you must marry. I also don’t like it when I get mails with following words

“I can’t live without him. I can’t live without her”

Don’t ever write to me with such sentiments.

I have gone through few relationship pains in life and I am still alive…he he…

So I know how it pains and I also know how to come out of pain. If you are too depressed, better focus on learning something new or be sincere in the work you do. The world has so many problems to deal with than worrying about your own life.

I had 2-3 theme to write article today. One was about “Driving Safely” especially since the other day, a guy riding bike was almost hit by the Bus I was travelling and I shouted at him for his negligence. I don’t even know why I shout shout at him as he’s nobody to me. When we shout at strangers, they won’t understand we do it as we care for their well being. I also wanted to write about how Shirdi will be in 100 years.

This morning, when I woke up, I had a dream in which Sai instructed couple of things.

1. Do something everyday to keep yourself physically fit. I don’t do anything but walking. That’s the least you can do.

2. The last part of the dream is about Sai’s worry that world has become so fast that people start to behave like Animals ( When it comes to relationship).

We cannot write a general topic that ‘Doing this and behaving this way is correct” because in relationship issues, every one has a different story they are going through. So its hard to put all of you into one framework.

Sometimes, its good if you stay true to the guy or the girl you are committed to. At times, its better if you leave him or her forever and consider someone else as your soul mate. It depends on whom you are dealing with, your family situation and the probability of love.

Many people assume that Sai is in Statue or Portrait etc. Yes he does live in his statues but the real ‘Sai” is inside yourself. Sai is in your conciousness.

So when you are really confused if  the guy or girl whom you like is not being true to you, give sometime for yourself and be calm.

Being Silent and calm without expressing what you are going through will gradually help you understand who will be the right guy or girl for you.

Many Sai devotees write to me saying they don’t understand if they must continue to trust their Boy friend or Girl friend. Listen. I am not living your life. I am also ordinary like you. Just that I try to understand how Sai works through my own experiences. So my request is,

When you are confused and wanted to understand who’s the right guy or girl for you, be silent for few weeks.

When you are silent and give no chances for the other person to react, you can track their behaviour and the way they treat you. Secondly, you won’t be blinded by your love on them though their love on you might be materialistic. The best medicine is to be calm if you want to take the right decision in life.

After few month, you can get some idea about who really cares for you. If you decide on someone, be stern in that. I don’t like it when people tell me, I am in relationship with a guy/girl but somehow, I spoke to someone else for long today. There is a difference between us and animals.

If he/she is true, you be true. If he or she is not true to you, you must certainly try talking to others and see if they could be the right husband/wife for you.

There are girls and guys, who have married the one whom they are commited to and are suffering and there are people who left the one they trusted for years and married someone else. They are happy too. So the best way to take right decision is give yourself sometime and being silent.

You will hear a lot and understand what’s good for your future when you are silent.

Om Sai Ram


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