Commit to make your dreams come true

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

One of the biggest problem with us is that we dream big but we never take the right path towards our goal. Saibaba is always there. He will bless you with fortune. All he expects is you must work on it – Sai’s path is “Karma Marga” – The path of work.

I myself have this excitement to do something sincerely for few days. Gradually, I loose my interest andĀ give up working consistently. It is not enough if you start something you commited to. You must consistently work on it no matter how boring it is or even if you gain nothing from it.

Most of us are hooked to profits – Money – or any kind of gains we could derive from what we do. Sometimes, we might never earn anything from what we do but our work will certainly benefit us someday in life.

To be honest, I have never come across any successful person who have not faced obstacles and friction during their journey towards where they are today.

Commit to make your dreams come true. Commit to what you wanted to see in real. This commitment to work hard, honestly and sincerely makes Saibaba happy too.

Now a days, I am focussing more on making people realize the value of what they can do to change their life rather than waiting for Saibaba to change their life.

Om Sai Ram

When you try sincerely, Sai will always be with you,


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