Child Photography in Coimbatore inspired by Sai dream


I had a dream couple of days back that I had a baby girl on my chest and I listen to a song. Surprisingly, I am at my office and someone calls me asking me to do child photography of their kid. It was such a vivid dream.

I understood something strange about the way most of the girls in India project themselves. Being a women in this country has something to do with how you are taught and asked to portray yourself.

When I was making a corporate film at work, I realized there must be a reason girls don’t feel that comfortable in appearing on a video etc. I realized if it was a girl who was doing photography, some might have been more comfortable. Doing photograpy wasn’t the problem but being a man and photographing these girls is the problem I faced. Wish I were a girl for a week. Its not just this issue. There are so many other aspects I observed even in the life of girls who are too westernized. They just have a better life style but they are still circled into the same cultural expectations.

Having said that I realized the way most families bring up a girl child has made them adopt few behavioural qualities .

“You must be like this.”

“People will speak like that if you do such a thing.”

Its not just the family but the society as a whole prescribes few pre-determined qualities an Indian girl is supposed to have.

This morning, I got an idea to make a simple 3 minute film about this.

I need to shoot a cute little baby girl – Could be one year old up to 7-8 years old.

I had been doing Child photography before few years but left it.

Now I wish to shoot some footage and work on what I have in mind.

If you are from Coimbatore and have kids at home – write to me at

Few weeks back I wrote this article

What if I am a Father of a grown up girl?

I am writing a simple script on what if I would expect in my daughter as she grows up if I were a Father of a baby girl.

Over the last 10 years, many of you who come to StarSai wanted to see me. Some of you see me as a part of your family. Thanks for that. There was this Sai friend in Hyderabad who tells me that most Sai devotees in her apartment community knows StarSai. Recently, I got 5-6 mails asking me to send me my photograph.

Enna paathu enna panna porenga? I am getting old! I think only few more days remaining! I am counting days! he he..

Since I am a photographer, I never take any pictures of myself. I always shoot others and like to beautify people. Anyway, I have a Music video which I shot in Mumbai in 2006 when I was in Film School.

I gave royalty free license for this song but then too I got copyright notice. I hope this song remains in Youtube forever.

Surprise! I am showing this work to the world after 9 long years!

That’s Me!

9 years back!

I have a plan to make series of 2 minute film. Lets see how Sai guides me!

I lost the original file of this video and was worried if the work I did with lots of excitement will be completely deleted from my memories. I found the tape and converted as digital file yesterday in an editing studio.

Sai blessings


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