Why should you care for people who treats you as nothing?

Sairam friends,

I have been experiencing this for the past 5-6 month. Its one of the unbelievable experience Saibaba has even given me. I liked this girl initially and told Sai. Couple of month later, from September 2016, Sai kept blessing me with dreams. With over 15-20 dreams, I have no reason to object Sai’s words but reality isn’t anyway matching what Baba keeps telling me.

I am totally lost due to such a vast difference between what Baba tells me and what I really see. Why should this girl even think of me for a minute? I won’t be in her agenda. I mean nothing for her.

Fortunately, Saibaba blessed me with a time to be calm. So I am trying to adjust. There are times when I wake up suddenly at 1 or 2 at night and ask Baba to tell me why he’s doing all this to me? She’s living her life. Why should I come in-between?

One good aspect of the whole episode is this.

I learnt a lesson

We must care for people even if they treat us as nothing

Last week, I found that she was sick and kept praying for her. Since I don’t even look at her or the place she sits, I assumed she returned to work on Thursday/Friday and felt I am simply exaggerating and must not worry so much. Only yesterday, I realized that she really got fever or probably too sick and hence never came to work for 2-3 days. I wanted to go to Saibaba temple and light a lamp praying Sai to heal her. I could not make it to temple and hence came home and lit lamp to Sai.

There are few things I can’t openly say but Saibaba really showed me she’s is good. In the sense, something she does without her knowledge has actually benefitted others. I wish, I could atleast say this to her someday. I don’t have any common friend even to know if she’s getting well or OK? I get little embarrassed to ask anyone as she’s not even a friend of mine.

I was remembering Sai and prayed this God my Mom used to tell me to cure from Fever – Joradevar. Here’s an article about it –

Joradevar and Shirdi Saibaba blessings to cure us from Fever

I am really pained since I am too sensitive and can’t bear if any of my friend or dear one’s are sick. This girl is not even my friend. She’s someone Sai keeps hinting me and all I can do is say a word of prayer.

Someone asked me “How can you be like this?”

Yeah..That’s how it works. It takes a lot to be a Sai servant and trust his words with heart and soul no matter what the world thinks.

Anyway. The moral of this article is..

Sometimes, Sai makes you care for people even when they don’t need your care. They are pre-occupied with people in their life. They treat you as nothing. Fine!

I know what Baba made me experience and its too personal.

I am getting late to work now.

Really excited to post couple of interviews from professionals in 

Baba..Heal my parents..Heal this girl..

Take care of all my friends.

Om Sai Ram


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