I can’t change the world. So its better I stop talking

Sairam friends,

Yesterday, one of this friend was asking what I actually expect and why I should care for these people who are nobody to me. He said, these girls laugh. Have fun. They earn. This is maximum they can achieve and they are happy about it. I explained a lot and he told me that its not possible to change others as they come from conservative families and they carry such traits. After few years, they will gradually change. I agreed but still I believe being conservative has ruined lives of thousands of girls in India. I don’t even understand why parents should be over protective to their kids once they grow up.

Let’s say a girl goes abroad to do higher studies. She might meet someone and like him. She could even live with him. She’s not bad. Situations happened so. How do our parents react? There’s nothing to be shocked about it. Your daughter is a “Separate” individual and she has her own feelings. You cannot impose your feelings on your son or your daughter forcefully. People decide what they want in life. Let them take what they want.

I believe its my own failure in life which makes me get emotional when I see others not realizing what they are worth.

My friend told me not to bother people in office and focus on StarSai as I have a better platform to communicate.

Later, I told him about the dreams I continue to get until last Sunday. After that, I do get dreams but its not so clear. I told him that I asked Sai to tell me what to do but hes silent. So he himself wrote chit and dropped it. I told him that I don’t believe in chits but since Saibaba is silent, I use it.

I got so depressed the whole day. I told him its not fair on Saibaba’s part to confuse me like this.

Anyway..I realized that I must let go of people.

These girls are happy. Why should I expect them to be broadminded, learn more, be goal oriented torchure them?

Even the guys to whom I tell this don’t understand why I keep saying this.

So none understands me.

I can’t change the world. I tried to be calm all the day. Since some of my friends said you are not good in talking, I stopped talking. Later, they asked why I am not talking. I get really excited when I talk and I start to make fun of others.I am not sure what version of mine Sai prefers. Should I talk or shut my mouth and just mind my business.

Totally depressed these days

Sai blessings


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  • Sai ram Venkat! I have been thinking of you & Starsai. Yes … I feel sad & depressed about the world too. Maybe Sai wants you to get more interested in your own self inner self. We can influence our inner world in order to be less shaken by the outer world … Bless you.

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