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Whenever anyone calls me in despair, I shall always be there to help them – Sai Baba

Sairam friends,

I like to listen to stories of Sai devotees which speaks about how Sai comes to rescue in worse situations. Here’s a devotee’s experience which I truly enjoyed reading.

Hello Venkat, thank you first and foremost for the beautiful site you have created. it’s a wonderful platform for all Sai devotees to come together and experience bliss in everyone’s life that Sai has created. Sai is the eternal truth and rest is Maya (illusion). . My family experience with Sai Baba has been phenomenal. We have been brought up with Sai Miraculous stories. Our family has huge faith and devotion towards Shri Sai Baba.

I have a wonderful story to narrate which I had experienced when I was 8-9 years old. I am from Mumbai and the incident happened in late 80’s, we had neighbor in Mumbai, they were originally from Tamil Nadu .The neighbor had language barrier and they could not speak Hindi which is by far a spoken language in Mumbai apart from Marathi. The couple had a boy who was about 4 years old then, the maid regularly used to take the boy for walk to a nearby garden which was about 10 minutes from our residence in Mumbai. The maid used to take boy for rounds at 0500pm and would be back home by 0530 or max by 0600pm. On a given day, both maid and the boy did not return home after 0630 pm. The boy’s parents were worried, an thorough search was made to find the boy and the maid but all in vain. The search lasted for 2-3 hours but there was no sight of the boy nor the maid. Through out the search the neighbor cursed themselves for being careless with the kid . Later it was decided that police intervention would be required to find the maid and the boy. The neighbor’s wife broke down and started wailing. My mom meanwhile offered neighbor’s wife some tea and snacks which later she refused.

A photo of Shri Sai Baba was handed to my neighbor by mother and insisted that neighbor’s wife pray Shri Sai who would help her to find the lost kid. The neighbor’s wife latched on to the photo and started praying fervently. After some 30 mins we had knock on the door and to our surprise we found the boy and the maid standing at the door with a stranger.The neighbor’s wife was happy to see her boy and rushed towards him, embraced, cuddled him, this went on for some time. Meanwhile no one paid attention to the stranger till then, but once everything was fine, we thanked the stranger and enquired how he found the maid and the boy.

The stranger smiled and said “Whenever anyone calls me in despair I shall always be there to help them.”

saying so he disappeared without a trace.

The mom realized it was Shri Sai who had answered my neighbor’s prayer. Infact this was the first time I had ever experienced this kind of miracle in my life.Sai is our true mother, whenever any devotees reach out to him with true faith, Sai Ma answers their call.

Jai to Sai Baba..
Peace be to All.

Sai Ram

Vijay Ramaswamy

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