If you love Sai, Build a School for ordinary people near Shirdi Saibaba temple

Sairam friends,

Last evening I went to Saibaba temple in my home town, lit lamps and came near Dwarakamai. One of my friend was doing lots of hard work digging holy Dhuni – Sacred fire of Saibaba. I asked him “After many days lots of work?” …He said hmm and continued. The other guy asked me to get into Dhuni tank and wipe the hot ashes.  There was already heap of Udi yet to be filtered when I got into it. I kept shouting Dattaaaa, Nagasaaii, Saibabaaa and wiped the ashes with the Iron rod.

It wasn’t so hot but really lots of hot Udi were there. I kept wiping and it kept coming like Akshaya patra. I felt a bit dizzy. So claimed out and sat near my favorite Thulasi plant. Lots of smoke was coming out of Dhuni while cleaning.

After Shej Aarti, I distributed prasad and was about to start home. A devotee came and told me seems someone gave complaint against the temple that Dhuni is creating Pollution. He had given them contact details of one of his friend who can provide solution to reduce smoke. Actually, The past 2 years the smoke is too less and the chimney is raised too high enough. I still wonder why people had to complain?

There are more Crore’s of Cars in India and millions of factories. Pollution is not coming from there but from this little Dhuni of Sai? The Smoke is creating by woods and coconuts which I honestly feel are “Safe”. Anyway, I love the Dhuni prayed Saibaba to guide us to protect it for thousands of years to come.

I came home and was thinking what to write. My father was watching News and suddenly I heard News about a famous Shirdi Sai baba temple for wrong reasons. ( I don’t want to mention the name of the temple or which city its located) . I love this temple and have been visiting it regularly when ever I go there. I consider this temple as the most sacred Sai mandhir but lately I started realizing the people there are not Kind enough.

Last time when I visited the city, I din’t even felt like standing in que to touch Sai’s holy feet and just came outside to a Shop. A very old devotee who has seen Narasimha Swamiji, M.G.Rege used to sit in the Shop. He is 92 years old and had visited Shirdi in 1942. He told me when he visited Shirdi in 42, the people in Bombay VT station doesn’t know when they asked for “Shirdi”. train.

He said only handful of devotees were there when he visited shirdi in 1942. He had then visited Shirdi in 2000 and said now all south Indian dishes are available in North India. He used to sing a very beautiful Bhajan of Nagasai in Telugu and I wish to have recorded it.

When ever I go near this temple, I used to fall down in his feet and get ashirwad.

Coming back to the News Story, It was too shocking to me.

The news was about some people from the Saibaba temple had some misunderstanding with the School adjacent to it. They had used the Class rooms and space that belongs to School for keeping all the vessels used for Annadhan and other stuff during Summer holidays.

The School reopened yesterday and parents were shocked to see the Class rooms used like this. I saw video footage of how the benches were put like scrap in the class room. The parents blocked the road to get justice as the School was not able to function. I always believed this School belongs to Saibaba temple and they are taking care of it but can’t believe such injustice happened.

Now lets not discuss about it any more as I don’t want these people to think I am doing bad to them. My intention is not to speak wrong about any people but it hurts me when I hear anything bad connected to Sai in News.

My humble feelings is Narasimha Swamiji is highly educated person and has taken initiative to have School near Saibaba temple as far as I assume.

Sai baba himself lived near a School.

Do you know there was an Elementary school near Dwarakamai?

During Sai’s lifetime in Shirdi, Shyama used to work as a teacher in that school. He thought Sai is a mad fakir and there’s no use in him. Shyama used to sleep in the School and at times during night, he used to hear Sai speaking in English, French and many languages. Gradually Shyama started understanding this is not a ordinary Fakir and realized Sai really is powerful Saint.

So many children in the school near Dwarakamai used to regularly visit Sai. To some poor children, Sai even used to give money everyday for getting sweets and give their Mother to keep for family expenses. Such was Sai’s connection with Children and Sai always encouraged children to study well and be someone good in life.

Once Sai blessed the children when the headmaster of the school felt Sai is spoiling the kids by giving them freedom to always play. Sai gave udi to all these kids during their exam and assured the head master “All children will do well in exam and Pass”. Surprisingly that year there was 100% Pass result. The head master realized the powers of Sai has actually made the children focus on studies too.

Last night, I hugged Sai Satcharitra and slept. I had tears in eyes for first time in many days for reasons other than my personal life. I asked Sai “Why you do this to Poor children?”

There are people who can afford Education in Big international Schools and convents and these are poor children and their parents are from lower middle class families. Don’t they deserve to have a good peaceful environment for their children? Anyone who has Temple of any Gods/Saints makes money out of it. That’s fine with Sai. To run a temple, You need money and the excess money, Sai cares dam of what you with it.

But you cross your limit in your commercialization and inhuman behavior when you are ready to occupy the space meant for School. I don’t know how true is the news story and don’t want to write more about it as I might be wrong which is why I din’t mention the name of the Temple and trust me these people can do anything to a ordinary person like me.

I have my Sai with me to protect me and so I don’t fear to express what I feel is “The Most inhuman incident in the history of Sai Movement in India”

This is the temple responsible for spreading Sai’s glory across Tamilnadu and India and I only wish to hear good news about this temple.

Now lets speak generally,

Building Shirdi Sai Baba temple:

I hear so many stories where Sai devotees say “Saibaba came in dream and asked me to build a temple. So I am building one now?

I always ask baba “Adhu epidi Saibaba, Enna mattum Kovil katra Venkatnu solla maatingra” he he

Wonder Why Sai doesn’t want me to build a temple and comes in my dream saying that. He won’t . He won’t for life time. If i wish to build a Saibaba temple, I have to do it on my own interest.

For Gods sake don’t tell me another story about Sai coming in dream to build a temple.

“Sai wants you to build a temple for him in your heart. That alone is what Sai wants. Keep your mind pure so that Sai comes and lives in yourself”

My humble request to devotees is please understand Sai doesn’t want anything for himself.  Not a Temple and Nothing at all. Sai just wants us to lead a simple life with what we get honestly. That’s it.

If you still wish to Build a Temple for Shirdi Saibaba, please take initiative to build a School near by. Of course building a School today isn’t ordinary task as you might have to bribe so many people to get permission. Sai will surely help you if you give importance to Education.

Schools have become expensive these days. Even people in good Jobs are not able to afford School fees for their Children. So how good it will be to build a School for Ordinary people near every Shirdi Saibaba temple that’s being built.

There may not be space for all of you. So at least have a Library near your Temple. People will be benefited by what you do in the long run.   Am getting late for work now and that’s all I wish to express.

Please remember, Saibaba temples are important. If there’s no Saibaba temple in my hometown, I would have not got  a chance to do seva and learn so many things in life. I consider Nagasai mandhir as a School and Sai has shown me his temple as a school in dream many times.

At the same time, We have to do something to society and the best thing you can do is Annadhan – Giving food to Hungry. But that helps the person just to satisfy his hunger few hours. If you help someone learn, you are actually helping him earn his bread for lifetime. So do little you can to ordinary people Educate their children.

Any School that has affordable fees for the Middle Class in India is actually a Temple.

the holy Quran says

“If you open a School, You are Closing a Jail”

So its good if devotees realize what actually Sai wishes. Sai wants us to build good Citizens for the Nation. It is possible only when we provide Schools which are easily accessible by Ordinary People. You don’t necessarily have to build schools near temple. Build it somewhere you have land and Sai’s blessings are always with you and your students.

I am one among those Ordinary People of India

I am a Sai devotee

and So

I wrote in StarSai

Even if Sai has come alive in such situation, I am sure this is what he would have expressed. He would have beaten such people with his satka and drove them out. My words are expression of Sai’s anger.

I wish you have a look at the description of below Book

school indian education

Who Goes to School?: Exploring Exclusion in Indian Education by R.Govinda – I love this cover photo of the book

Who Goes to School?: Exploring Exclusion in Indian Education:

Book Description:

The Right to Education Act, 2010 has brought India one step closer to its goal of achieving universalization of elementary education (UEE). Yet, large numbers of children, especially from disadvantaged communities, continue to be deprived of quality education. Who Goes to School? explores patterns of access and exclusion in basic education in India.

The volume outlines policy and legislation on access to education and provides statistical analysis of learners enrolled in school, out-of-school children, and learners vulnerable to exclusion. It suggests that meaningful access to education is an aspect of UEE that requires more than just full enrolment. Rather, it necessitates high attendance rates, progression through grades with no repetition, and learning outcomes which confirm that basic skills are being mastered.

The contributors focus on various aspects ranging from malnutrition, gender and social equity, migration, dropout rates, and differentiation in schooling provisions to matters of teaching and governance. They analyse in depth the way in which educational access is conceptualized; in doing so, they also identify areas for future research.

About the Author
R. Govinda is Vice-Chancellor, National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), New Delhi.

Declaimer:  This article is written to help Sai devotees realize the commercialization of Saibaba temples across the world and its OK to do it. The moment it crosses its limit, we need to express our views. I have not particularly mentioned name of the temple and so I don’t mean to hurt anyone. My intention is to spread good message from Sai’s Soul –

“Schools are important for Sai than temples”



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  • Dear venkat,
    You are a great person and a saint of a high order..I hope we get to see your light soon.
    Sai is god.

  • Sairam Mickey,
    I usually don’t reply comments but since I approved yours have to reply…I am also ordinary devotee ya…Sai molded me to be like this though various experiences in Life.

    When I myself read what I wrote after few days or years, I wonder “Did we write all this, Its so saintly” but honestly being Saintly is not so easy. We all pray Sai with lots of desires. Only fraction of seconds I used to have such a divine feeling in my chest especially when I recite any mantra or when I am sitting in corner of Dwarakamai.

    Now a days we hardly have pure sadhus and Saints. I wish to lead normal life and serve Sai as much as I can. The light in me is “Sai’.
    All of us have this light and it takes time to realize this glorious light.

    We have to do Naam smaran – Chanting of Gods/Saints name continuously in mind. This can help us realize the saint in us. Everyone can feel the presence of Sai in them at least fraction of seconds when they are deeply devoted to him.
    Anyway, Thanks for the kind words. Lets stop this conversation here because the focus of the article must be Education for Ordinary people.

    Even in United States, Education is expensive and I know parents really work hard to educate their children. Universally every child has the right for Good affordable quality education and we all sai devotees must do little we can to achieve this. At least in India, both parents and children make sure they get basic schooling as long as they can afford it.

    In U.S, many students quit school and simply say they need a break. After many years, they will only feel their life is a burden as they can only get some odd labor work. I had a website years back to help these students to continue their schooling. Somehow could not maintain it. Now again, I plan to do something to make students get interested in Education. Hope Sai shows me a way to do it.

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