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Believe me. Devotion works

Sairam friends,

There are some devotees who write me saying that Saibaba is not helping them. If I have to answer them plain and simple, if I think on a broader scale, Saibaba is not helping me too. I simply show devotion on Gods I love and Sai Baba. Once in a while, I realize my devotion is accepted by Sai and he is also working on my life.

When I say working on my life,its almost like he did nothing to make me happy. He is just in the process of protecting me from the worst yet to happen. May be, you did not realize what Baba has done to protect you from worst.

Guru Bhakti must emerge from bottom of the heart friends. You have to believe in your Guru irrespective of what you have gained through your Guru. Its OK to be upset with him but believe in him in some corner of your heart.

There must be a long period in your life when what ever you try doesn’t work out. For some devotees, their whole life will be like a long period of sufferings, one after another. Please do not give up your confidence. May be, God has a better plan for you. So wake-up early and read any good books. It doesn’t even have to be spiritual. Just read good books or meditate remembering Sai Baba for 10 minutes.

I love the way Saibaba cares for his ardent devotees and its equally strange why Sai wants us to wait so long when he has all the power to make our like beautiful. I agree, Sai does nothing most of the time. He’s just sitting there but when I ask myself if I did something from my side, my devotion isn’t that great.

Its strange why Sai cannot help us all right away and its also strange how we are unable to show devotion?

What it takes to show devotion on Sai Baba?

One must have been done several good deeds in several past births even to come in contact with the right Guru. Since Shirdi Saibaba is very popular these days, lets assume, we all have done lots of good deeds. Now, the next step is to show devotion in this Guru.

Is is that easy?

Love on Sai Baba must emerge deep in your heart. Sai devotion isn’t something all can have. I have seen hundreds of thousands of devotees coming to Saibaba temple and going to Shirdi. They are good but honestly, they don’t have time for Sai on a day to day basis. Kindly, spare few minutes in your day to day life to express your devotion on Sai Baba.

You can sing or listen to Sai Aarti, You can chant his holy mantra or simply chant SAI SAI SAI with love in mind. You can also go to Sai Mandir and feel the presence of Sai in your heart. Beyond all this, believe in him immensely.

Sai Baba also appreciates firm faith in one’s religion. If you are a Hindu, be happy about it. If you are a Christian or Muslim, stick to your faith. Follow what your ancestors followed and keep the tradition live.

Since I am reading Guru Charitra these days, I am deeply in love with all the saints who served Dattatreya avatar.

Saint Vasudevanand Saraswati

Read about Tembe swami in Chapter 50 of Sai Satcharitra

I am listening to a beautiful Aarti of Saint Vasudevanand Saraswati

I read the following from his Wikipedia page

To cultivate Sattvic nature, diet has to be wholesome (Hit), measured (Mit) and pure (Medhya). The signs of Sattvic nature are:

– Firm faith in one’s religion,
– Meticulous observance of religious conducts viz.

  1. Snaan (bath)
  2. Sandhya (prayer)
  3. Dev Puja (worship)
  4. Five major Yadnyas (sacrifices)
  5. Atithti Satkar (honor to the guest)
  6. Service to Gomata(Cow)
  7. Sincere attendance of Katha, Keertan, Bhajans, Puran etc.
  8. Soft and kind speech
  9. Refraining from harming anyone in any way
  10. Service and obedience to parents (for men), and to husband, in-laws (for women) and other elders

One may pursue any means for livelihood viz. business, agriculture or service. However, one should never abandon the conduct ordained by Vedas and obedience to the Guru.

Believe me. Devotion works.

What ever you have in heart for Sai Baba, express it and express it with love.

Om Sai Ram


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