Being calm when you are going through tough situation in your career and workplace

Sairam friends,

Now a days, I get few mails from Sai devotees who tell me that they lost their job, quit their job or going through some issues at work. Let me clarify this. React when people treat you badly but remember its also an opportunity for you to understand how cheap people can behave to safeguard their status in an organization. I have even started enjoying how people dump me at work. Its funny how people think they are growing when they suppress others.

Saibaba does care for your well being but at times you might face issues at work that you can’t tolerate. In the end, it all comes to money. People treat you badly for they need a position they desire and make sure they make more money. They might eventually win in their plan to get a better position, retain their position or earn better. You might be thrown out of work or continued to be dumped.

Irrespective of all such happenings, try not to think over it and worry too much. This is why I always request professinals to focus on “Learning” because nobody can get your skills down. There’s no power on Earth which can dump your skill and knowledge.

Focus on how you can change yourself positively. Keep working hard irrespective of what happens.

Being calm matters a lot. Initially, I was tensed about how people can be so cunning. Later, I realized I am going through this just because I would have harmed someone in some birth. So I just laugh at how people behave and keep calm. Surprisingly, Sai baba even tells me 6 month before whom I am going to meet. This is really a surprise to me.

Why should Sai mention a name sometime in January?

Only Sai knows what he is doing.

So if you are going through office politics and not able to tolerate the situation, just be calm and accept everything.

Just focus on what you can learn to grow ahead in your career.

Your life will be good

Om Sai Ram


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