Finally, saw a beautiful Shirdi Saibaba in dream

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Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Many people think that I have dream of Sai and Sai actually speaks to me. It’s not like that. Even when Saibaba lived he talked to people in Dwarakamai in parables. Only the right person whom the message is expressed will be able to interpret what Baba actually means. Similarly, I won’t see Sai in dream. I also won’t see him speaking. I hardly see the form of Saibaba.

Almost everyday, I request Saibaba to bless me with a dream and I will see some dream. What ever dream I get, I consider it from Sai and I will try to interpret that and behave accordingly.

Those dreams will show people I see in temple, Friends at work, people in all walks of life, my own family members, relatives or even what’s going to happen in the society/Nation for that matter. Though I try my best to understand what Sai would have meant through these dreams, it won’t be that divine. Ofcourse, Sai also shows my favourite Gods and Goddess in dreams.

Its not easy to understand dreams because saint uses dreams for 2 reasons.

  1. To show what’s going to happen in future.
  2. Instead of something evil or unfavourable happening in future according to our fate, sai makes it happen in dream. So our bad karma is washed away in dream.

This is why I never react to dream immidiately. At times we can’t judge if Sai wanted this to happen or doesn’t want it to happen.

Only very rarely Sai blesses me with himself in the dream.

Last night, I came home early and was learning something online. Before my Mom slept, I spoke to her about how her ancestors lost their wealth because I wanted to confirm if I remembered her stories right. I wrote about it here yesturday – 1946. A village some where in India.

I hugged a Sai book and slept off.

I had the following dream

A beautiful garland for Shirdi Saibaba

It was as if I see many guys in our office near the lift. I don’t remember any of them though. But the environment was like a college. I sneak in the lift and get down. Its like there’s another building in the college where they have made a beautiful Saibaba mandir made of marble. I see this Saibaba similar to the temple near our office.

Then, I go to a library and ask for a original version of an English novel. I was even telling the name of this novel but the librarian gives me Tamil translation of the novel. I tell him that I wish to read the story in original English version. Later, I go out to a small shop selling flowers and pooja items. I ask for jasmine. I tell the shop keeper that I saw Saibaba in dream. A girl near him hears this and asks me to offer a two feet garland to Saibaba.

So she helps me select a beautiful garland for Sai.

That’s it.

Yesturday, one of this girl at work said it was her last day. I had always prayed for her when ever I felt like though I am not a good friend of her. Especially, when she was carrying. There are few whom we see for many years and always wish the best for them.

I know few Sai devotees who take a break in their career since they wanna take care of their kids. The only issue is that, they worry a bit if the break goes too long but they are happy. One of my Sai friend in Belgium was worried a lot about her career. Later, She understood Sai blessed her with a good husband and child and hence she must learn to be happy. She still considers going back to work.

Though I sound normal, I am depressed about why Sai is still not clarifying about the dream about someone. Last night, I asked him to guide me in dream and saw himself in dream. May be, Sai will show me a way when I offer a garland to him. Its been long since I offered a garland to Sai. Shall do it when I find time.

Sai blessings,


Note – The featured photograph was provided by my Sai friend Sangeeta who previous did this pooja in her Medical college – 108 lamps pooja for Shirdi Saibaba in a Medical College

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