Beautiful Murugan keeps appearing in my dream

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Last night, I saw Saibaba’s Samadhi mandir photo in my room and pleaded him to show me a way.

I am surprised why I often get Lord Murugan in dream the past few month. This morning, I had a dream as below.

I am claimbing on a huge building and suddenly reach a very gigantic statue of Lord Murugan on the temple tower ( Gopuram). I make sure that my feet don’t touch Lord Murugan’s head and I touch his head with my palm and worship him. Then, I am holding a cable wire and jumping over to the building’s tower making sure not notices me.

Then, I see myself with my Mom going to the U.S and Canada. It was like a hill station and the driver tells us that if we claimb over the hill, I will show you Canada. he he….My Mom walks ahead in the road and shows a very beautiful circular Rainbow. I run to my camera to photograph the rainbow. That’s it.

Sounds funny but its high time I take steps to renew my parents U.S Visa. As they keep getting sick, I missed to do it.

I woke up and felt very divine for being blessed by Lord Murugan’s dream. I feel the Murugan I saw could be the one in the Gopuram of Vadapalani Murugan temple in Chennai because I remember the dream had aerial view of a very crowded residential complex and roads.

Sai always inspires me to worship Gods I love.

On Gurupurnima day, I had been to Marudhamalai Murugan temple with my Father and felt blessed. When ever I forget Murugan, Sai remainds me that he is always with me and safe guarding me.

Thanks to Sai for showing me beautiful Murugan in dream regularly!

My Sai friend Sangeeta told me that Saibaba has inspired her to read Vishnusahasranama and I did not even reply her mail. Today, I showed her this old articles

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Sai blessings


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