A beautiful butterfly greeted us in Murugan temple on my birthday

Shirdi Saibaba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

November 4th is my birthday. Usually, I go to Palani Murugan hill temple every full moon day. I am making it as a habit the past few month. Today, My mom said its full moon day until 11 A.M and hence I decided to take them to a beautiful little Murugan temple in Coimbatore.

It’s called Rathnagiri temple. Though I had been there before, I thought that the steps will be too long for my Mom to claimb up. It wasn’t that hard for my Mom when she claimbed. The weather was truly amazing and we all felt good. My Ma sat once in a while and claimed up. We lit 11 lamps to Lord Murugan and did good prayers. I felt truly blissful while I was in the temple. The Murugan here is beautiful and tall!

Later, We decided to walk down when a butterfly came and sat on my Father’s shirt. I usually don’t show my parents pic on StarSai and hence I am showing only the butterfly. It must have sat over him for over 50 seconds and I felt happy.

butterfly murugan

Butterfly on my Dad’s shirt

I usually see Butterfly sitting over glass window at work and trying to go out. I might have thought that its an opening not knowing its a glass material. When ever I see Butterfuly trying to go out of such glass window, I open the window, catch them and let them fly away happily.

Anyway, we then went to the Saibaba temple near my workplace. Thankfully, there were very few devotees and it was peaceful. The priest was singing aarti and I too recited few stanza from Sai’s divine aarti. We had prasad there. The Dog Tiger had lots of biscuits from my Mom.

I don’t know what you might think but to me these animals and birds are actually messengers of Sai. The butterfuly could be a blessing from Lord Murugan and the Dog could be a blessing from Sai himself. We came back home and I started working on my projects.

Om Sai Ram


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  • Sairam Venkatji,

    Wishing you a truly Happy Belated Birthday, May Sai Bless you with all happiness and joy

    Om Sairam

  • Jai Sainath !!

    Belated Birthday wishes dearest Venkat ji. May Sai Baba’s blessings be with you always and may HE fulfill your wishes. I will pray for your Happiness and Good life. With lots of love one of your Sai sister, who living with your guidance.

  • This is Belated Wishes for u I was very bsy at office I could not wish u. So Sai will live in your heart. U light everybodies life.

    Sai Bless u.

    Manjula Sairam

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