Be careful about what you share with your friends about your personal life

Sairam friends,

This holy MahaSamadhi day of Shirdi Saibaba, I wish to think about the ways Sai has been with me all through these years. He has never once let me down and always took care of issues that worries me most. Sometimes, Saibaba let me face insult but by doing that I only get motivated to do more. So I thank him even for the problems he made me go through. Saibaba is not here to give you comfort today. He knows what’s best for you after 10 or 20 years and hence he will be very very slow in all his action until the right time comes.

Anyway, this 99th MahaSamadhi day of Sai, I have a simple message for all Sai children.

Now a days, We are getting used to sharing what we are going through to our friends silently without the knowledge of people in our family. I can see a culture where in a girl or guy who’s married or commited casually speaks to others and perceiving them as friends. Trust me – Men are Men.

Not all are listening to you as friends. You never know their nature and motives. So better keep away from all these contacts.

Even if you are bored, worried, depressed, faught with your husband/wife, never ever share your feelings to people whom you consider as friends.

I understand there are good people around – May be your old friends, your office colleagues and someone whom you have all reasons to trust but on the negative side, the very reason you choose to share them your very personal issues, might make them take you for granted.

I have seen some women and men complicate their life even after they got married. You can’t simply bring problems in your relationship just because you trust a friend. Tell me one thing – What can a friend do to you? I don’t think a friend will always be able to do what a wife/husband can do to each other in crisis situation. So ignore all these people who complicate your life, divert your mind and live your life peacefully.

You don’t really need friends. Having said that Baba himself had friends but he treated everyone equally. Sai never disclosed any information directly. Even when Saibaba wants to say something, he said that as parables or small stories.

My intention while writing this article is to help you lead a pure life.

There are girls who won’t even reveal that they are seperated from their husband to external world. They silently say some reasons and move on. This is the best practice and girls do it even when they feel like sharing their worries to some friends.

Beyond all this, if you really have a friend whom you can trust, go ahead and speak to him/her but remember your limits. Be happy to chop of friends who take advantage of you.

Om Sai Ram


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