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When you try to avoid and ignore something, it comes to you in abundance

Beautiful Saibaba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

My Ma and Pa are actively taking care of Navratri pooja while I spare little time to think about Gods and Goddess at home. Couple of days back, When I claimed over the terrace to offer garland to Shirdi Saibaba statues, I kept my palm over the wire of decorative, serial lights over there and suddenly felt electric shock. I quickly took away my palm and thanked Saibaba. It might be low voltage but the shock was really powerful. They had used a needle to connect two wires over which I had kept palm.

I reached home and was doing some work. Suddenly my Ma also shouted that she felt shock in the water pipe if we switch on the greaser. Due to Navratri, My Father keeps his TV in another room and when ever he connects TV through a plug, we feel electric shock in the pipe. My father did not believe there must be any chance of shock but we argued to him and made him connect with another plug. In both the incidents, I know Saibaba has protected us. There are small incidents in everyone’s life where Saibaba has saved us but we do not even thank Sai with gratitude. We don’t realize that Saibaba has helped us from a big danger and take it for granted. As I write this, I don’t know what I am going to do to Sai for always keeping an eye on us.

Meanwhile, Here’s a photo of Saibaba from a temple in the U.S send by one of my Sai friend.

Beautiful Saibaba

Beautiful Saibaba

Trying to avoid having sweets

Tea is something I love a lot. 5 years back, when my Pa was not well, I prayed Sai and Lord Murugan that I am going to giveup having Tea and till date, Sai blessed me to keep my words and I will continue to do it forever.

The past few days, I realized that I am having too much sweets. I felt its not good to have so much sweets and I must do something to control. Its also not good for my health. Apart from this, I also had some worries about life and wanted to do something that makes me determined. I prayed Saibaba to give up eating sweets believing that its easy to do.

The problem is that when I am hungry, I can only have other snacks and sometimes I have no other go but to have sweets.

To be honest, Only now, I am experiencing how much we people are connected to “Sweets”. Its easy to avoid Mitai – Chocolates because we can kindly tell our friends or parents we don’t need it. My Neighbor aunty gave Rasamalai when i told my Mom that I wish not to have sweets. I can avoid having Saibaba’s prasad as sweets myself but sometimes, my friends in temple, exactly picks a mittai or sweet and gives me. I don’t have any other possibility but to accept it.

I had also tried to avoid having Navratri snacks they gave at work but I here after, I will have little and share rest with my friends.

I am not able to strictly keep my words which I prayed for. This really makes me get angry on Saibaba. I ask why so much “sweets” when I don’t really need it? Have you given all that I asked for all these years? You were not able to do it for so many reasons and I accepted it. So why sweets alone?

Probably, Saibaba is teaching me something about life.

The greatness of giving up desire. 

I always had a craving for having sweets and now, when I don’t want it, I get it in abundance.

All desires in life are like this.

Give up your desire and keep thinking and doing good.

If you are worried about not getting something in life, do expect it but do not be crazy about it. Kindly avoid and ignore it. Focus on your life and do something good for your growth and your parents happiness. Gradually, You will see that your life is changing for good.

Sai will bless you in abundance.

Now, I don’t have Saibaba photos from house of devotees. If you can take photos of Shirdi Saibaba during pooja and send me, I will be happy to post it.

Aum Sai Ram


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