Ate a rose petal which I got from Shirdi

Sairam friends,

Apologies for not writing aricles for couple of days. I was little busy making some videos for an event at work. Thankfully it got over today and I am completely free. I really did not like the way they organized the event especially because of several masala song they played too loud. Its good for people who were dancing but gradually I lost my peace of mind. Since they did not arrange any photographer, I had to take photos.

I think its wrong when I say girls must not be conservative about which I wrote in below artcle…

I am angry with the way most girls are restricting their freedom for reasons I can’t justify

Some danced well. I felt OK. Later, one of this girl danced for a masala song which wasn’t even good to listen. I could not tolerate it and felt its better that girls have few qualities that belongs to a women. Girls look good when we see few characteristics which defines them.

When I was in Chennai, I used to go to German cultural center and some events which were more into Fine Art, Piano performances and world cinema. So my idea about event has always been some peaceful music, Fine Art, Silence, meetng new people etc. When people kept on playing some stupid songs, Its doing something to my mind. I feel as if I have head ache now.

I was telling my friend that in India, we were facing lots of struggles from 16th century and later the Britisher’s conquered us and hence our people had to fight for their survival and had no time for Art and Craft for over 200 years. During the same period, several Art forms flourished in Europe. If you closely watch the Art forms which flurioushed in India, it was more of gathering people with a force to entertain and spread a message rather than fine art etc. May be, this is the reason even today, we are getting interested in songs which are too loud in its content.

After the event, My friend kept asking me why I am so depressed? I told him that I never expected that I would go through such issues at work during this year. I did not even imagine this when I was in Shirdi during March 2016. He asked me to get over it but continued to say if I am asking “Why Baba did this to me?”.I would have told this to him over 100 times in the past 4 month. Its so embarrassing for me to survive in this place with this guilty feeling.

Ate a rose petal which I got from Shirdi

Three days back, I went to Saibaba temple from office. I was sitting in a corner in the varanda when the night aarti was going on. These days, I like to be alone. One of my friend came near me and gave me a Yellow flower and a single rose petal saying he got it someone who had been to Shirdi. I was happy to see the pink Rose petal and immediately ate it. When my Sister was a kid, she used to eat rose petals which my Ma used to find out only when she vomits later. This Rose petal was so special to me and hence I don’t wanan store it in a book or keep in a pooja place. I know someday, it will go into dust. I want this beautiful rose petal to get into me and ate it happily.

Kindly do not eat any flower which you got from Shirdi . It’s not good for health. I am crazy and I just had one single Rose petal.

I am getting sick these days. I wish to go to Shirdi somehow. Have to do some trick once again at work so that I can go Mumbai officially for a week and happily spend 2  days in Shirdi. I am not getting any idea right now. Lets see.



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