Wish I am an artist for I would have shown what ever I imagine about Shirdi Saibaba

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Last evening, when I was doing photography in an office event, I got really bored after few minutes. So once in a while, I was looking at Photos and paintings of Sai I received from my friends. I have this habit of purpusely making stick drawings of people and telling them “Look. How nice is my drawing”. I will not leave until they appreciate me and accept that it looks really pleasing. I have made people enjoy my stick drawing by doing all this funny tactics. Sometimes, I wonder why I can’t draw nicely. I would have made lots of paintings of Saibaba had I learnt to do painting.

The message I wanted to send across is that what ever skills you have, learn to use it for Sai and you will be satisfied. I don’t know to write good English but I try to express what ever I am going through in Sai’s presence in simple words. So what ever little skills you have, dedicating the same for your Guru will make your life meaningful.

I imagine a lot about how Saibaba would have lived. Looking at Saibaba with decorated dress and crown on head is very odd to me. Do you think a ordinary fakir like Saibaba would have worn those dresses? Only in his last 8 years such big crowd came to Saibaba (1910 to 1918). Before that very few people even know Sai.

So Baba would have lived a very ordinary and simple life in Shirdi village. Sai would have walked in darkness and fell down at times. We never know how much this sweet Sai suffered? We always associate Sai with miracles. For Gods sake don’t do it. He is a simple fakir and lived an ordinary life. He is still leading an ordinary life.

You just can’t see him as you don’t have time for Sai.

When ever I see the featured image painting, it actually communicates how many girls who write me would be like when they are into relationship issues. I continue to receive mails asking me to advice you for such issues. Kindly understand I am also ordinary like you. So how can I tell what’s right for you which is why I keep calm. My words can only heal you. I want you to take right decision thinking about your future and not your current emotinal status.

Adding to that, we live in India. A very cultured country where parents decide whom their Daughter must marry and your relatives will complicate some issues. Even if God in three worlds come down, they can’t smoothen the issue once its complicated. So do not ask Sai why he’s not helping you. Sai accepts his own inability in so many issues. He tries to be down to Earth and never exposes himself to be a miracle Guru. We only assume that Sai will be able to give a solution for every single problem or desire we have. Sometimes, Sai wants us to accept what ever happens in our life and move on.

I care for all of you. I want you to focus on something productive and that will give peace of mind to you.

Hope you understand.

I am getting late for work.

Sai blessings,


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