Do not do anything that is not worth the effort. Do it Sai’s way

Sairam friends,

This afternoon, I told Baba that he must appear in my dream and guide me. I hugged a Saibaba’s book and slept off. Saibaba did blessed me with a dream. It was something related to physics and I researched on an online physics forum. There was a discussion about generating electricity from a running car which led to mention of this law coined in the year 1990.

Godwin’s Law

According to Godwin’s law  “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1″ —‌that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler.”

We must understand that this is why there’s a mention in Sai Satcharita that

“Saibaba don’t like discussion”.

When we casually start to discussion about an issue too long, we will certainly touch the worst possible points and examples. So what happens is that instead of doing something constructive, we are actually hindering our peace of mind.

When we approach a situation that we keep on worrying and discussing about an issue virtually or lets say with our friends, its better to stop it right away.

After the dream, I also saw couple of these girls near my Mom. One of this girl’s friend is annoyed with me. She wasn’t happy with what I wrote. Then, another guy tells me ‘Remove it”.

I woke up and realized this. I have been mentioning in StarSai about this girl whom Sai keep showing in dream for over 7 month. This is one of the most painful thing which could possibly happen in my life. Sometimes, I feel bad for touching this topic but that’s ruling my life now. Its hindering me to core and humiliating me. I am living between Sai dreams and reality for 7 month.

Sometimes, I fear what if this girl comes to know I am mentioning about her though I none knew whom am talking about it. I felt its not decent to speak about a girl unless I have rights on her or if she’s my friend. May be, Saibaba is telling me its not worth it if you keep on worrying about this issue and even expressiong your worries here in StarSai.

May be,as my expression keeps on growing, I might only be compared to Hitler in the end as in Godwin’s Law.

So I better accept what ever happens and be calm.

I am going to Saibaba temple now friends. What will I do now? Sai doesn’t allow me to write about the issue too.  May be, he wants me to give up spending my energy where it isn’t worth it and look life in a bigger scale. I have lots of work to do.

May be, There’s Saibaba’s own way of getting me a solution. I don’t know how to come out of this Baba. Atleast, I wanna prove that you are involved in this whole episode. My Guru can never fail. People think I am imagining. I know several girls if that’s what I want. I just respect this girl since you show her in dream but isn’t it humiliating that I don’t even know her?

If there’s your way of helping me, I leave this issue in your holy feet Sai. I shall try to keep chanting SAI SAI SAI in mind.

Baba, please show me  away


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