1946. A village some where in India and why I must do good to the city I belong to

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Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

There are two reasons for what we experience in our life

  1. The good deeds and sins our ancestors does – Both from our Mom’s and Dad’s side of the family.
  2. The good deeds and sins our own soul did in previous births.

When you question Sai why you are suffering irrespective of being good in this birth, you must analyze these both and try to do something good.

My Mom used to tell stories of her ancestors. One of my Mom’s brother was mentally ill all his life and he passed away before 10 years. Recently, we also went to meet one of my Mom’s other Sister who is also mentally ill. I have seen how some relatives in my Mom’s side have had a very pathetic life with lots of set backs and sufferings. I always believed its a curse on this family that they are suffering like this.

One reason is that my grand father did not educate his children as they had lots of wealth those days. Wealth naturally goes out of your hand if you are not educated and smart. Only my Mom’s elder brother had a college education. Fortunately, my Mom is well read – She reads lots of books and hence her thought process will be slightly different from all others.

(As a contrast, My Father’s side flourished – My Grand father from Dad’s side was a teacher in a school and later in a college. They struggled a lot to survive and even to have food when my Grandpa was sick for a while. Shall tell the story later on. But all these kids had good education. I have seen all my Dad’s brothers and Sister’s were well off and their children are doing much better. In my Mom’s side – Only our current generation cousins are leading a good life as my Mom’s siblings atleast educated their kids. )

In my Moms side – My great grandfather and his father had really worked hard and acculumated huge wealth. My Mom says they had 7 villages of their own. Not hectares or acres. I can’t believe it – The whole village belongs to them. I used to ask my Mom how can people earn so much that they own a village? he he..

Sometime before my Mom was married, this got reduced to 40 acres. When my Mom was carrying me, people came from Bank to cease our ancestoral home. That’s how lucky I am. All wealth gone even before I was born..he he…My Mom had told the Bank managers to give her a days time.Gave back all the gold ornamants my Grand father gave her during her wedding and somehow saved the ancestral home where none lives now.

Story of a village somewhere in India

My Mom used to tell stories about how some of these major wealth went out of their hand.

So this story is about one such village which I have seen on way to my Mom’s village where they have their ancestral home.

They were 3 brothers who owned this purticular village including my great grand father. It was a barren land according to them.  Seems someone asked money for their Daughter’s wedding – A sum of 11,000 Rs. Those days it was a big sum. So they had kept this village for mortgage, borrowed money and given it to the poor man for his daughter’s wedding. I am not purticular about the reason for borrowing money but this reason is all my Mom could remember.

Few years later sometime around 1945-46, there was a rule that anyone who had kept the land in mortgage are supposed to pay back as soon as possible. Else, the land belongs to the one who had paid the loan. Though they were rich, it seems, people usually won’t have money as cash in their home. My great grandfather and his brothers did not had 11,000 Rs to pay back and hence decided to give it away.

Those days in Tamilnadu, we had honest people of a purticular sect who predicts what’s going to happen in a home. They live 6 month in forest and 6 month in the village. One of this person who predicts and tells it out had come to my great grandpa’s house and told them

“The land you are planning to give away is like gold. You can loose any other land but don’t give it away. It’s like loosing huge prosperity for generations to come”

It was already decided by the 3 brothers that they land can be given away. The final signing for the deal has to be made.

My direct great grand father did not like the deal at all and he wanted to retain the land but somehow he gave it away.

The worst part is this – The people who bought the land decided to build a factory. I am not exposing which sector it is or the brand. That’s not my goal too. Building a factory in a place surrounded by thousands of acres of fertile agricultural land is not good for farmers and our own family also had farming land near by this village where factory will be setup.

But they need these 3 brothers to sign a document which claims that they agree for setting up the factory. Couple of the brothers were ready to sign. My great grandpa did not wanna sign though. He hid himself at home and also he ran away to a relatives home so that none can call him to sign for the deal.

The other brothers traced where he is hiding and forced him to sign the document.

Within couple of years post Indian Independence, the factory started production.

My Mom used to say for the next few decades the whole environment got spoilt. My Father says that when I was born, he has seen dark ashes deposited over the green field.

A month back, I was discussing with my parents on why I am suffering for everything I wanna do in my life and why some of my Mom’s Sister’s and brother’s did not had a peaceful life? My Father related this story and said

“They must have not allowed to set up the factory. It would have ruined nature and caused health issues to few.

We never know what people of several villages thought about the factory. Your grand parents got nothing in return. They did not got money for this favour. They simply signed as they were invited by the owner of the land to allow him to set up the factory. “

Recently when I went to this city, I saw how this conglomerate had grown to a company with a revenue of over 5000 Crores with acquisitions in several other parts of India. I thought to myself – This piece of land is really Gold for it has grown in to a town. The only positive side of it is that it has created hundreds of jobs for the locals.

My Father even mentioned this – Your Great grand father gave away the land and did not even ask for few jobs for members of his own family for they considered themselves as being rich.

Like this – My Mom has told me story about how another village also went away from their hand.

I really don’t wanted to write this article because its not my own personal life. Its life of my great grand parents. They would have done lots of good to the people in the village. But I know how those days, the jamindars and others treated ordinary people. It has to be analyzed if there was a curse on this family.

Basically, I know for sure giving away a piece of land is not a problem because wealth keeps moving. But approving on behalf of the villagers to setup the factory is honestly a sin.

I agreed to my Father.

My Father added this as a basic principle

You must either do good to the place you belong to. The village, town or city you belong to. Else, atleast you must not do anything that ruins its environment and economy.

The past one year, Sai has blessed me with 2-3 dreams when I hear this song – Sare Jahan se Acha…

From that time, I keep researching why its important for me to go good to India and especially the city I belong to.

Coimbatore is not the place where this story happened as my Mom is from some other place. Lets not tell that in this article. But basically, I wish to do good to the place I feel I am a part of which is Coimbatore. Since I am occupied with a fulltime job, I am not able to get an idea about what should I work on.

Lets see.

(Kindly do not research on this conglomerate and relate it with this article. This will only lead to confusion and problems for us. We never know what really happened in 1946 – Meaning what would have been other reasons that my Great grand Father decided to give up ownership of the vast piece of the beautiful land. My intention is to spread this message -)

The good you do will reach your children and grand children for generations to come. 

If we belong to a place, we must do something good to the place – In terms of education,  environment and creating jobs etc.

I am getting late for work




(I spoke to my Mom tonight as she was about to sleep. I asked her what really was the reason for selling this piece of land where factory was started? She told me, the money was borrowed for a marriage of Daughter of our own relative. It must be in late 1930’s or early 1940’s. Seems, the lenders scared our grand father that the government has a new law which says that you must either pay back the loan immediately or the write off the land to us. Being uneducated, they were too ignorant and did not even wait to take the right decision.

I would have never wrote this article because no family wants to say ill about their ancestors. So I kept asking Sai if I can write about it in StarSai? This morning, I had a dream as one of my cousin also tells me that we are suffering since there must be a curse on this family. I know none of our ancestors were that bad – They have even given some land for the workers in the field to build their home. They have always given food and helped the labourers to get their children get married on time. What went wrong? – Their good deeds has somehow become lesser than their bad deeds. Further, curse of a women won’t let a family live in peace. My Mom tells this to me to this day –

One must never let a girl or a women shed tears and let it fall down on mother Earth.)

So another moral of the story takes us back to my previous article

Don’t ever hurt a Women, misbehave with her or be cursed by a girl.

Om Sai Ram

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