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ॐ 108 Sacred names of Lord Ganesha ॐ and Speaking to Sai in Dwarakamai

Sairam friends,

I just have 5 minutes to write. I was too depressed last night because I started feeling am doing few things like stupid and getting hurt. I try to do lots of Good deeds but seems so much isn’t enough. I claimed on the terrace of Nagasai Mandhir to offer garlands to saibaba and while I was in Dwarakamai in the darkness, I spoke to Sai about  my life and had tears in eyes.I was remembering how over the years, I have believed in Dwarakamai and now a days it pains me that Sai not able to help me so long.

May be Sai did and may be am not content with his favors. May be I am dreaming to reach the sky when my fate wants me to shut my mouth and be happy with what I have. I was trying to write some thing last night but really I could not. Having other sites some times is helps me because it gives me a chance to distract from my worries.

I really wanted to make my Father do something actively and probably might sell my photography online and give his number so he feels occupied apart from doing seva in the near by Ganesha temple with his friends.

I was joking to my parents other day that all family is doing this kind of spiritual work. I wonder what Gods are thinking about our family? My Mom scolds me at times, Nee Kovilaye Iru…My father scolds me , Nee unn Sai friendsku Mail pannite iru…

I know they like what I do but they feel am not practical with life.

I keep saying now a days am not replying any one’s mail…Ya I Lie..Vera Vali illa Baba…Honestly, I don’t reply all mails because I don’t wanna come between Sai and a devotee always. Sai will himself take care of his children.

Shirdi Sai Baba’s love for Lord Ganesha:

I wish to tell you a story of Tarkad family during their visit to shirdi to have darshan of saibaba friends. Once Mrs.Tarkad was worried that the statue of Ganesha was broken.The trunk was broken and asked baba if they keep the Ganesha statue in their home for worship as its broken.

Baba asked her very kindly “Will you not take care of your children in home if their hand or leg has got hurt?”

Mrs.Tarkad understood that Sai’s love for Ganesha and continued to worship the same Ganesha in her home. I also used to take the broken statues of Sai when i find it in temples. I don’t do it always but at times I take Sai home and take care of him. Once I found someone bought a New Saibaba statue and his palm was broken and i took him home.

OK friends, Am getting late now. Today is auspicious day for Lord Ganesha. So wish to post a Video courtesy of a devotee.

I like to see the sacred word  ॐ in Star Sai

 ॐ 108 Sacred names of Lord Ganesha ॐ

Ok friends,

May Sai and Lord Ganesha bless you with peace and happiness


I went to Nagasai mandhir this evening, lit lamps and quickly started home. I wanted to make the Matri site more useful for devotees. Removed the posting feature and trying to write articles that will bless Devotees with good life.

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  • dear venkatji

    I am jealous of you!!!! You are always in deep communion with Sai only thinking of Him and nothing else. Karma is playing its game with you. You will come out of it successfully. May Sai Bless You Forever and through You millions of His so called devotees.

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